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Nine Years of an Entrenched Habit ... Gone. Try That With Your Supposedly Cleverer Human Spouse

I have 3 cats. My female cat Violet had been urinating all over my home everyday for 9 years. I had my furniture, even my...

Vicki L. Vancouver, WA

We Know Which Products Work, Too -- In Tandem with Behavior Techniques

Good news! I (advice removed) exactly a week ago and since then Boomer has had no accidents!! I started off with (advice removed) and one box of "Feline Pine", but then...

- J. Z., Florida cat behavior consulting client

A Newly Confident Cat is a Properly Urinating -- and More Affectionate -- Cat

Hi There!

He has calmed down so much!!!...

Valerie R., California 2004

Cat Yowling and Meowing (or excessive activity)

Not getting enough sleep because your cat wakes you up with meowing or yowling?  Published in 3 languages,  Mieshelle provides the only scholarly cited cat behavior advice for cat owners.  Her most recent study of animal behavior was at Harvard University and she lectures across the country at national and international education conventions for veterinarians, the Humane Society, and SPCA on this very common behavior issue.   See over 100 client testimonials since 1999

April 2016: Tiffy (behavior information removed). She sleeps and best of all, so do we. Please tell your clients about this. This has given us our life back. I have 15 min. left.  I will save it for now.  Thank you, Deb. S. Lakeland, Florida

March 2016:  Thank you, Mieshelle!  I didn’t think Oliver’s incessant meowing issue could be fixed, but I see now, thankfully, why you are the cat behaviorist and I am not!  If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.  We are a peaceful and happy family once again!  God Bless, Tim S.  Tampa, Florida.

November 2015:  Mieshelle,  Thank you, thank you!  It was the best one hour of my life talking with you about Simon’s nighttime yowling.  Not only did he stop the 4 years of yowling in 3 days, but I now feel like I understand him better and he is a also a happier cat.  My co-workers say I’m easier going too now that I’m getting adequate hours of sleep! My only regret is not consulting with you sooner.  Your knowledge is invaluable and the cat community is lucky to have you!  Thank you again for all that you do.  Nancy S.  New York, NY

September 2015  Testimonial:  Kitty behaviour update — Scooter has been behaving the last 3 weeks, no yowling.  Sarah K.  Squamish, BC, Canada

July 15th Testimonial:  Thank you Cat Behavior Clinic!  After the phone consultation I had the best night sleep I’ve had in 4 years.  I haven’t even implemented all the strategies yet, so I am beyond thrilled. Everyone is now happy in this home thanks to you.  We will touch base in 2 weeks. All the best, George M.  New York, NY
May 11, 2015 Testimonial:  Hi Mieshelle,   Thank you so much.  I used just one strategy so far and I actually had to wake him up this morning instead of him waking me up at 4:00 a.m.  I will add the other strategies if needed, but so far, that (behavior advice removed) worked overnight exactly like you thought it would and to think I’ve lived with no sleep for 3 years! I feel like I understand Henry better now and cats in general.  Your knowledge is priceless and you have give me my life back.  Best Wishes.  Susan B.  New York, NY

2015 Testimonial:  Mieshelle, The meowing at night has ceased. So has the excessive grooming. Ziggy is obsessed with (behavior advice removed). Rosemary A.  Berwyn, PA

Is your cat driving you crazy? Cat yowling and excessive meowing can do that. We’ve handled many cases where the cat owner had not had a good night’s sleep in 8 years and others that were about to be evicted because of their cats’ non-stop or early morning meowing.  We can show you just what to do — and what not to do.  Typically our clients declare success in 2 weeks with this behavior issue.

Some cat owners are simply dumbfounded that their cat can consistently beat a 6:30 a.m. alarm clock by meowing at 6:28 a.m.  Did you know that thousands of cat owners are dealing with meowing between 3 and 6 a.m. in the morning just like you?  There are several reasons that can cause this behavior, but all can be remedied.

The excessive-meowing consult has become my favorite over the years because I can so profoundly change the lives of the cat owner and the cat. Finally able to get some rest, they say I’ve added ten years to their lives, helped them to keep their apartments (and their jobs, now that they’re no longer so sleep deprived that they can’t function), and even saved their marriages.

Again, there are many possible reasons why your cat could be meowing (or yowling – making an even louder and more insistent sound) excessively or at inappropriate times. The Original Cause might be a medical issue. I’ve seen quite a few diabetic cats who ate continually yet were still hungry: I’m eating and it’s not working!

Besides health issues, the situations leading to excessive vocalization, in approximate, descending order of likelihood, are:
1. The cat’s hunting clock is set for morning instead of evening
2. Separation anxiety
3. You’ve trained your cat to meow to get what he wants
4. Change in environment (e.g., after a move)
5. Change in schedule (yours or his)
6. Loss of family member
7. Pent-up energy or emotion needing to be released (boring or stressful environment)
8. Hunger or diet change
9. Meowing has become a self-rewarding habit and just feels good!
10. Some cats are just naturally more vocal than others
11. Talkative owners may have more talkative cats
12. An outdoor cat has been brought to live indoors
13. Your cat is in heat – the yowling will be temporary, but will recur periodically for as long as your cat is un-spayed

Often we find that at least one of these instigating factors are at play and secondary behavior issues often develop.  This is a very special behavior issue that requires a professional with formal education in animal behavior.  Mieshelle lectures across the country on this behavior problem to vets, shelter staff, and cat owners and in turn helps save cats from being relinquished to the shelter, euthanized, or needlessly placed on medications.

Book a consultation now for your cat’s customized treatment plan and get relief from all that vocalization before the problem becomes worse.