STEP 3  Important: Do NOT hit the back button when completing the questionnaire. Do not attempt to close the questionnaire before finishing or leave the questionnaire unattended for hours or you can lose all of your work.

Feline Behavior Questionnaire - The Cat Behavior Clinic LLC

You can save this link to complete the form at your convenience: You can also relocate this form link in your browser history. If you're ready to complete the form now, please answer the following questions in the form below. For phone or Skype consultations, we need to receive this completed form at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled consult for review. All information provided in this questionnaire shall be treated confidentially. Please be sure to click the "SUBMIT" button after completing each page of the questionnaire. A copy of it will be emailed to you. This form generally takes 30 - 60 minutes to complete. PLEASE NOTE that cancellations made after the completed questionnaires are submitted are charged a $45.00 cancellation fee (deducted from your consult fee refund) because the behaviorist spends a considerable amount of time preparing the behavior plan.*******PHOTOS: If possible, please email photos of your cat, litter box areas, feeding areas, closeup photo of your cat's stool if defecation outside of the box, and areas where unwanted behavior occurs to: When completing this form, DO NOT hit any back buttons or try and save the form or close it before completed or you will lose all of your work.