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Pioneer of the Cat Behaviorist Specialty in Cat Aggression, Urination, Defecation, Spraying, and Vocalization. Hundreds of Testimonials and Solved Case Studies.

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The Clinic Has Solved Thousands of Cat Behavior Issues in Over 30 Countries by Scientifically Observing and Analyzing Their Behavior From a Behavioral Cognitive, Ethological, and Feline Evolutionary Point of View.

OXFORD University, Harvard University, and The Royal School of Veterinary Studies at The University of Edinburgh was Certified Cat Behaviorist™ and cat science author Mieshelle Nagelschneider's formal study of animal behavior. You can learn more about her additional animal behavior studies including Harvard University on our Animal Behavior Study Page. Founder of the "cat behaviorist" profession for over two decades, she is world-renowned for her global leadership in cat behavior education and crossing the conventional boundaries of the cat behavior specialty.

Mieshelle is the host of the most watched cat behavior show in the world, My Cat From Hell, (international version 2022) with over 125 million viewers internationally. As the founder of The Cat Behavior Clinic, she and the veterinary team have been analyzing cat behavior and solving their issues in over 30 countries. Mieshelle is the founder of the first cat-only behavior clinic practice in the United States. Her applied scientific analysis of the behavior and evolutionary biology of the cat has enabled her to help thousands of cat owners over two decades, solve their cat's behavior issues. Our veterinary team is also an integral part of helping cat owners and offer vet-to-vet consulting and local in-home consults.

Mieshelle has been the cat behaviorist and long time research expert for National Geographic and NatGEO Wild television shows, published works and documentaries on cat behavior and the 37 species of wildcats including the domestic cat and wildcat hybrids. You can also watch her on the Today Show, Hallmark Channel, NBC Dateline, and MTV. She is an award-winning international author of New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science book published in 4 languages by Random House Publishing.

Mieshelle coined the term and was the first "Cat Behaviorist" in the United States and is the recipient of the Golden Purr Award for her contribution to cat behavior.

To achieve behavior results that are lasting, it’s necessary to work with an experienced cat behaviorist, but most importantly, one with formal university study in animal behavior that can apply the sciences of gene-encoded behavior, animal psychology, feline evolutionary biology and physiology, to effectively correct a cat’s behavior.

Mieshelle travels the globe from Australia to the Philippines lecturing to veterinarians and shelter workers to help them better help cat owners for over two decades solving “unfixable” behavior issues. She goes beyond the obvious facts about cat behavior and offers intelligent and proven solutions. Cat owners receive systematic behavior plans and guidance based on feline evolutionary biology.

Cats are still the most misunderstood companion animal that are at the greatest risk. The hundreds of vets the clinic works with each year and who refer cats to us often say, as will vet behaviorists, "we still don't know what to do with cats". Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul, Ph.D., contributing editor, National Geographic, and past curator, Orange County Zoo, “The reason people are so mesmerized by house cats is because they are truly miniature versions of lions, tigers, and leopards. In her book, Mieshelle Nagelschneider explains the behavior of the house cat in an unprecedented and most accessible way, offering unique insight into the often misunderstood companion animal that is as wild as we have become civilized.”
READ ABOUT: Dr. Shultz and Mieshelle's Education, Acclaimed Feline Behaviorial Science Books, Lectures, Media, Spokesperson, and Welfarist International Work.

The Clinic Has Corrected Thousands of Urination, Aggression, Defecation, and Vocalization Cat Behavior Issues Around the World

Over 350 Cat Behavior Testimonials for Oxford-trained Certified Cat Behaviorist

  • Lexi has gone poop in the litter box 4 times in a row! This is the first poop that wasn’t covered in litter so I took a pic of it. She’s been doing very well this week!

    Cat Behavior Testimonial Mieshelle Kate M. Melbourne, Florida
  • I had a great experience working with Mieshelle solving our cat's urinating issues. She was clear and concise and most importantly solved an ongoing urination issue of several years within the first two weeks. I'm so glad that I worked with her and would definitely recommend her to anyone!

    Susan B. NYC
  • 2019 Urine Case Study Success Update: “Hello Mieshelle, Just wanted to follow up that Doolittle is now pee free for more than a month. He (behavior advice removed). The other cats (behavior advice removed) as you said no one was (behavior advice removed). From day one they stopped (behavior advice removed)”.

    Cat Behavior Testimonial Mieshelle Angela D. Bradenton, Florida

Cat Behaviorist ™ Team Helping Cats in Over 30 Countries

For Over Two Decades our Cat Behaviorist ™ and Veterinarians at The Cat Behavior Clinic Have Helped Cat Owners Nationwide and in Over 30 Countries Around the World.  We Have More Cat Behavior Testimonials Than Anyone From New York to Australia and helped 125 million more cat owners thanks to Mieshelle’s International Cat Behavior Show, My Cat From Hell, with Discovery Channel.

Founder of the “Cat Behaviorist ™” specialty, Mieshelle is a noted international cat behavior science author published in 4 languages for Random House Publishing. Her award-winning scholarly-cited cat behavior book is based on cat and animal behavior scientific research and is the first of its kind for cat owners. She is also a long time cat behavior expert, editor, and developer for National Geographic books and television documentaries on the 37 species of wild cats (including the domestic house cat). You can also see her as the cat behaviorist expert for Nat Geo WILD’S Animals Doing Things with Howie Mandel

Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider Cat Behavior Books

Cat Behaviorist ™ Organizations and Affiliations

Award-winning cat behaviorist and cat science author (Random House and National Geographic), Mieshelle was one of the first certified cat behaviorists in the United States and has been a past or long time member of cat behavior organizations like The Animal Behavior Society, Cat Behaviorist Counselors (Certified Cat Behaviorist ™), The International Association of Animal Behavior Counselors (past Associate Certified Cat Behavior Counselor Cat Division) among others.  There are still only a handful of cat behaviorists as compared to dogs trainers and veterinary behaviorists. Cats are still very underserved in the behavior category when it comes to cat care.  With over 40,000 hours of conducting feline consultations and the first cat-only behaviorist practice in the United States, Mieshelle is considered the pioneer of the cat behavior specialty and one of only three notable cat behaviorists (Wikipedia) in the United States.  

Mieshelle Nagelschneider Cat Behavior Expert for LIFE Magazine on the History of Cats and Their Gene-encoded Behavior

Mieshelle Nagelschneider for Life Magazine Interview

Mieshelle as The Cat Whisperer for National Geographic and Discovery Channel and Discovery Channel China

Watch Mieshelle on National Geographic’s Animals Doing Things with Howie Mandel as their cat expert and other cat behaviorist documentaries by Nat Geo Wild.  As a cat behavior science author she is also the cat expert for several of National Geographic published works on the 37 species of wildcats, tigers, and every breed of the domestic house cat including wildcat hybrids.  She is currently filming her new cat behavior show in Beijing China, My Cat From Hell, for Discovery Channel.

She is known for her global leadership in cat behavior education. Her passion and curiosity about cats along with her formal study in animal behavior, continues to put her on the forefront of cat behavior knowledge crossing the conventional boundaries of the cat behaviorist specialty. She is also known as the original and only, Cat Whisperer™.

Five-star Yelp Review Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider      Darrel P.  United States

Mieshelle Nagelschneider on The Today Show

Watch The Cat Whisperer™ on the Today Show
Award-winning Author and Cat Whisperer ™ Mieshelle Nagelschneider – Pioneer of The Cat Behaviorist Specialty Since 1999.

Cat Behavior Expert Mieshelle Nagelschneider on Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel Home & Family Show 2017 Mieshelle (center) Talking Cat Behavior Issues with Host and Susan Lucci as the International Cat Behaviorist for Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

Read more about Mieshelle’s past formal education in animal behavior through Oxford University, The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and her study and experience at Harvard University on our about page. We also have a licensed veterinarian, Dr. Jim Shultz,  that we refer for specific local cases only or vet-to-