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About Texas Certified Feline Behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Founder and director of the clinic serving all parts of Texas, Mieshelle studied animal behavior at Oxford University, and The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh.  Her animal study experience at Harvard University has also enabled her to help cat owners think more scientifically about their cat’s behavior (read more here). The clinic scientifically observes and analyzes cat behavior from a behavioral cognitive, ethological, and feline evolutionary point of view.  Please visit our homepage to learn how to schedule.

Atlas has had NO ACCIDENTS!! we are so thrilled. 100% improvement over night since implementing the changes suggested!  Thank you, Elise S. from Round Rock, Texas

Since 1999 Our Veterinarian and Cat Behaviorist Have Been Solving Cat Behavior Issues For Texas Felines

Many of our clients schedule either a phone or video consultation (especially if you’re located out of the United States), but depending on your location in Texas, in-home consultations are also possible.  Prior to the consultation, we ask that you complete the Feline Behavior History form so that the clinic can evaluate your cat’s behavior and begin preparing the behavior plan.  Our clinic efficacy guarantee:  If after reviewing your completed feline behavior forms the clinic does not think a consultation would be appropriate or helpful for your cat’s behavior issue(s), they will perform a consultation at no charge to help guide you in what the best next steps would be for your cat.

What’s New for Mieshelle and National Geographic

You’ve seen her on the Today Show, Hallmark Channel, and Animal Planet, but did you know that Mieshelle is an expert on the 37 species of wildcats (this includes the domestic cat) and long time cat behavior expert for numerous cat documentaries, TV Shows, and published works with National Geographic?  You can watch her most recent National Geographic Show, Animals Doing Things with Howie Mandel.

The Clinic Goes Beyond the Obvious Behavior Strategies During the Behavior Consultation

Cat owners in Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth Texas as well as several cat shelters and veterinarians in Texas refer the clinic for cat behavior issues.  Mieshelle lectures at the international level at education conventions for veterinarians, the Humane Society, and SPCA on common feline behavior issues the clinic routinely solves.

Urination Success: Still going good. He has not urinated anymore in the carpeted rooms. We still have the (behavior plan removed).  Thank you! Karen E. Manor, Texas
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