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Think You’ve Tried Everything to Solve Your Cat’s Behavior Issue?

We’re Pretty Sure You Haven’t.

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Since 1999 We Have Been Applying the Sciences of Wild Felid Genetics, Psychology, Biology and Feline Learning and Memory to Effectively Correct Your Cat’s Behavior.


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Important Update:  The doctor and cat behaviorist are scheduling January 15th through February 28th.  The deadline to participate in the feline study and receive the reduce consult fee for urination and defecation issues is January 31st.


We Have Helped Thousands of Cat Owners in Over Thirty Countries Solve Their Cat’s Urination, Defecation, Urine-marking and Aggression.

Founder of the the first cats exclusively behavior practice in the United States, Mieshelle Nagelschneider studied animal behavior at Oxford University and the University of Edinburgh Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and her experience at Harvard University (read more here) has enabled her to help cat owners understand the science behind their cat’s behavior.  The first “Cat Behaviorist” the U.S. and Canada, she is the award-winning international author of New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science book published in 4 languages by Random House Publishing.  Watch Mieshelle on National Geographic cat behavior documentaries and published works as the cat behavior expert and researcher for the 37 species of wildcats (including your domestic house cat).  View 274 behavior testimonials and solved case studies from phone, in-person and virtual video clients.