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Zoom Appointment Update: We are scheduling our doctor and cat behaviorist team through December 31st.  Through December 10th receive the study participation reduced fee for urination or defecation appointments. Become a part of Mieshelle’s 2-time Academy Award-winning cat behavior show production on Discovery Plus Channel (the most watched cat behavior show in the world with over 1 billion viewers).
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28 Years in Practice, Our Certified Cat Behaviorist™ and Veterinarian Team Have Helped Thousands of Cat Owners Solve Their Cat’s Aggression, Urination, Defecation, and Vocalization Behavior Issues in Over 30 Countries.  Mieshelle’s cat behavior science book is required textbook curriculum used to certify cat experts you see today.

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The Importance of Gene-encoded Behavior: The Doctor and Behaviorist Team Apply the Sciences of Wild Felid Genetics, Psychology, Biology, and Feline Learning and Memory to Effectively Solve Your Cat’s Behavior Issues Long Term.

Founder of the the first cats exclusively behaviorist practice in the United States and in over 30 countries, Mieshelle Nagelschneider studied animal behavior at Oxford University and the University of Edinburgh Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and her animal behavior experience at Harvard University (read more here) has enabled her to help cat owners understand the science behind their cat’s behavior.  The first “Cat Behaviorist” in the U.S., she is the award-winning international author of New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science book published in 4 languages by Random House Publishing.  Watch Mieshelle on Discovery Channel as the new host on My Cat From Hell, NatGeo WILD’s Animals Doing Things With Howie Mandel, and as National Geographic cat behavior documentaries and published works long time cat behavior expert and researcher for the 37 species of wildcats (including your domestic house cat). As the new host for Discovery Channel’s show, My Cat From Hell, she has reached over 100 million cat owners internationally so far!

Recipient of the “Gold Purr Award” and the “2020 Business Award for Exemplary Businesses and People in the Field of Animal Behavior”.

4 Full Appointments During 8 Week Program – LEARN MORE

The Comprehensive Feline Behavior Wellness Program (learn more here)


4 Full Appointments During 8 Week Program Evaluation Period For: urine spray-marking, complex inappropriate urination/defecation, inter-cat or human aggressive issues including new cat integration, excessive vocalization or activity, compulsive pica, or overgrooming issues. Your first appointment will last 1 1/2 to 2 Hours. Follow-ups are a minimum of 30 minutes.

3 Full Appointments During 4 Week Program

The Urination and Defecation Feline Behavior Wellness Consultation (learn more here)


Study Participation Reduced Fee Urination and Defecation Consults Include: 3 full appointments during 4 week evaluation program period. Your first appointment will last one hour. Follow-ups are a minimum of 30 minutes.