Cancellation and rescheduling policy cat


The Consultation Program and Using Your Consult Time

  • If you request a video consultation, these are generally reserved for the first consultation only.  Subsequent follow-up calls are then performed by phone instead of video unless the behaviorist deems a video call is necessary to assess your cat’s behavior issue or environment or you are located outside of the United States or Canada.
  • Your behavior plan is given to you over the phone or video call during your initial behavior consultation.  You need to take notes during the call.  Certain consultation plans are progressive and will develop over time and further recommendations are then given during subsequent calls as part of your program time. 
  • Please plan for one-hour for your first consultation. 
  • A behavior or product supplemental to go along with your initial consultation will be emailed to you within one week of your consultation.
  • All allotted consultation appointment time must be used in the 4 week program time.  Program time is consecutive weeks.  This allows the behaviorist to observe and evaluate behavior by the weekly updates you send in and during follow-up calls that typically occur every 2 weeks during your program time, and to give further recommendations for plans that are progressive or need to develop over time. 
  • This is the link to send in weekly email updates for your cat’s file and to schedule follow-up calls:
  • Clients past their 4 week program or consultation time can schedule a follow-up consult of up to 30 minutes for $125.00 or a one-hour call for 250.00 if deemed appropriate by the clinic for the specific behavior issue.  Certain issues require a new consultation especially if several months have passed since your last consult or you have a different behavior issue than before. New behavior issues may require a new consultation program vs. a follow-up call.
  • If you do not contact the clinic to schedule a follow-up call after your initial consultation, we will assume you do not need to use your remaining appointment time.

Clinic Release and Agreement

  • The Clinic release and agreement online form must be signed and dated by you in order for the Clinic associates to work together with you.  If for some reason you can not complete the questionnaire on time, your consultation may still be conducted without it if the behaviorist approves, but the clinic release agreement online form will still need to be signed prior to your consultation. 
  • If you do not complete the feline history form prior to your appointment and do not give the clinic 48 hour notice minimum that you need to reschedule your call, you will forfeit your consultation fee as it would be considered a missed appointment.

Correspondence with the Clinic

  • The clinic staff generally responds to emails within 24 to 72 hours excluding weekends.
  • The behaviorist and veterinarian are unable to correspond with you via email.  If you need help or have questions, please email the clinic here using this contact form:  
  • To schedule a follow-up call during your program time, please use your Progress Report link (here). Behavior recommendations are given during your follow-up calls verbally and you will need to take notes during your call.
  • Consultations are conducted 7 days a week, but the clinic office is closed on the weekends and most holidays.
  • The behaviorist will call you at the scheduled appointment time.  If for some reason you do not receive a call, please call the clinic at 503-267-8888.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel or need to reschedule your appointment, we require a minimum of 48 hour advance notice from your scheduled appointment time so that we can give your space to another client. No Exceptions.
  • We do not give refunds for appointments that are cancelled or need rescheduling without a minimum or 48 hour notice.
  • If we are unable to reach you for your consultation it will be considered a missed appointment and no refunds are given.


  • Refunds are given for cancelled appointments if you have given a minimum of 48 hour advance notice from your scheduled appointment time.
  • If the clinic issues a refund and has already evaluated your completed Feline Behavior History Form, a $45.00 clinic review fee will be deducted from your refund.  There is also a $9.50 credit card refund processing fee if you did not pay through Paypal.
  • We do not give refunds for gift certificates or consultations purchased for a third party, but allow the consultation program to be transferred to a shelter or another cat owner. 
  • No refunds are given for unused “leftover” consultation time.  Again, you are responsible for setting up your consultation follow-up calls within your program time frame.
  • Because behavior success is dependent upon owner involvement and animal behavior can be unpredictable, refunds are not given if your cat’s behavior issues are not remedied.


Thank you from the staff at The Cat Behavior Clinic