Cat Behavior Problems Solved with The Cat Behavior Clinic Remotely in Over 30 Countries Since 1999.

To achieve behavior results that are lasting, it’s necessary to work with an experienced cat behaviorist, but most importantly, one with formal study in animal behavior that can apply the sciences of genetics, animal psychology, biology, physiology, and feline learning and memory to effectively correct a cat’s behavior. 

Founder and director of the clinic in 1999, her formal university studies in scientifically observing, analyzing and recording animal behavior and from a behavioral cognitive, ethological, and feline evolutionary point of view, has enabled her to help thousands of cat owners over two decades and in 30 different countries by phone (or video) solving their behavior issues. Recipient of the Golden Purr Award for her contribution to cat behavior, you can learn more about her experience at Harvard University here and how it has enabled her to help cat owners think about their cat’s behavior more scientifically.  Mieshelle also performs in-person consultations and our veterinarian Dr. Jim Shultz performs local in-home consultations only. 

Learn more about past and current animal behavior studies through Oxford University, The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and Mieshelle’s behavior study and experience Harvard.  Specialized behavior study has helped enable her to solve cat behavior issues for two decades and in over 30 countries.

Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle

There is simply no cat behavior problem we have not helped our clients solve many times — or that we cannot help you to solve now.  Like most expert cat behaviorists, we are able to achieve full success with you over the phone or by Skype or Zoom video. Learn why. Contact The Cat Behavior Clinic to schedule a behavior consultation for your cat (or cats) at 1-503-267-8888.

Cat Behavior Problem:  Training for You and Your Cat

We also help our clients to train their cats in desirable new behaviors and cat behavior modification:

  • Introducing (and re-introducing) new kittens, other cats, other animals, or new people to the household, using The Nagelschneider Method, a highly effective scientific system for reducing hostility available only from the Clinic’s own behaviorists.
  • Keeping cats off counters and other areas
  • Calming the over-stimulated cat
  • Taking care of kittens

 Cat Behavior Problem:  Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

We can even help you to understand behaviors that many clients think is abnormal, strange, or unusual, and help you interpret what those behaviors mean.

  • What’s normal male cat behavior — and what’s not
  • Cat in heat behavior and female cat behavior in general
  • Cat sexual and mating behavior
  • Pregnant cat behavior
  • Cat licking behavior
  • Cat litter box behavior
  • Cat kneading behavior
  • Feral cat behavior
  • Cat eating behavior
  • Cat nocturnal running behavior
  • Cat behavior by breed
  • Wild cat behavior, for wild cat owners or as a way of understanding domestic cat behavior


Contact The Cat Behavior Clinic to schedule a behavior consultation for your cat (or cats!). Mieshelle consults with cat owners worldwide from California to Norway.  Dr. Jim Shultz performs in-home consultations locally only.