Cat Behaviorist Portland Oregon

What is The Cat Behavior Clinic of Portland?

The Cat Behavior Clinic LLC is a mobile cat-only behavior service that has a veterinarian and certified cat behavior counselor trained to assess and address feline behavior concerns.  Since 1999, we are still the only cat behavior specialty practice in Oregon.  In addition to phone and video behavior consultations, we are also the only mobile cat behavior practice that travels to your home to observe your cat in its own environment.  This can be crucial in understanding why your cat is performing an unwanted behavior and to provide specialized feline behavior solutions based on your cats natural instincts and feline evolutionary biology.  With over 200 cat behavior testimonials and award-winning behavior help, we have more cat clients purring than anyone.  Read about our success rate.

Learn more about past, present, and future animal behavior studies through Oxford University, The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and her experience at Harvard University.  Specialized behavior study has helped enable her to solve cat behavior issues in Portland, Oregon since 1999.

Cat Behaviorist Portland, Oregon – Mobile Cat Behavior Practice

How to schedule:

  • Mobile Cat Behavior Service:  To learn more about the process or to schedule an in-home veterinary and feline behaviorist consultation, please call the clinic at 503-267-8888. In-home consultation fees are based on the behavior issue and determined on a case by case basis. We accept credit card payment.  
  • Phone or Video Skype Consultations: Are conducted on a case by case basis at a reduced rate and can be scheduled here online or also by calling the clinic.

Common Cat Behavior Issues:  Urination, Defecation, Aggression, Excessive Vocalization Issues.  Our behaviorist holds a special certification in feline urination and defecation issues.

Finally!  Help For Portland, Oregon Cats

Cat Behaviorist Portland Testimonial:  “I was extremely pleased with my experience with The Cat Behavior Clinic. I have been dealing with litter box issues for a very long time and my experience was a world away from working with an animal behaviorist vs. a cat behaviorist.  The cat problems I’d been dealing with were extreme and long term and after the consultation and following the instructions, my cats began using the litter box 100% of the time (before my consult it was 75% of the time) within 4 days.   I would strongly recommend working with someone who specializes in cats because if they don’t, they really have no idea what to do with cat behavior and I learned this the hard way after spending $1500.00 just to get in the door at another behavior clinic that got me not one ounce of success.  I will be letting my referral vet know what a great experience it was working with you guys.  All the Best,  J. M. and 6 Perfect and Happy Felines. Finally!”  Portland, Oregon

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