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Certified Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle Nageschneider

Mieshelle studied animal behavior at Harvard University and at The Royal School for Veterinary Studies – The University of Edinburgh.  The Cat Behavior Clinic is the first cat-only behavior consultancy in Seattle serving cat owners since 1999. Please read our clinic testimonials – over 200.

Acclaimed New York Times Cat Behavior Science Author and Certified Cat Behaviorist Has More Clients Purring Than Anyone.

To ensure your cat will receive appropriate and effective care Mieshelle has specialized certification and advanced training to assess and address feline behavior issues. Cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider provides cat owners and veterinarians behavior plans based on your cat’s feline evolutionary biology.  She goes beyond the obvious facts about cat behavior and offers proven solutions to change your cat’s behavior.

Seattle Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle

Seattle Feline Behavior Consultations:

Mieshelle Nagelschneider can perform in-person, video, or phone consultations in the Seattle area or State of Washington.  Most of her clients are worldwide and consults are conducted by phone or video usually and at the reduced rate.  In-person consultations can also be scheduled with the veterinarian.  All in-person consultation are taken on a case by case basis and scheduled in advance for the Seattle and surrounding area locations.


Cat Behaviorist Seattle
The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School for Veterinary Studies is Mieshelle’s current study of animal behavior. Her training also includes study of animal cognition at Harvard University.

Here’s just a partial list of cat problems we help clients overcome every day:

Mieshelle is world-renowned for her global leadership in cat behavior education and crossing the conventional boundaries of the cat behavior profession.  You can view her work on:  The Wild Side of Cats on National Geographic, The Today Show, Animal Planet, the New York Times, MTV, NBC Dateline, Nat Geo Wild, New York Post (just to name a few).

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Please feel free to call the clinic at 503-267-8888 to schedule or click “Book A Consultation” above to schedule online.