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Read more about her study of Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare: The Royal Academy of Veterinary Studies – The University of Edinburgh, Oxford University, and her experience at Harvard University. Understanding Feline Evolutionary Biology and What Motivates Cats is Key. Dr. Jim Shultz is a veterinarian who Mieshelle trained and who conducts in-person cat behavior consultations.

Cat Trainer

Cat Behaviorist and Acclaimed New York Times Cat Behavior Science Author Mieshelle has Provided Award-winning Cat Behavior Training Since 1999

Professional Statement from Our Cat Trainer Mieshelle Nagelschneider at The Cat Behavior Clinic:

Cat Trainer
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Cats are motivated entirely differently from dogs. Once I teach my clients how a cat’s mind works, they’re able to cure behavior problems in the cat who inspired them to come and see me.  More importantly, a cat trainer can prevent future problems in that cat, other cats in the household, cats they may own many years later, and even cats not yet living in the home. I educate my clients to help themselves. It’s what I do. I am a cat trainer that teaches others how to be a cat trainer.  I know that every time I explain cats to a cat owner, I’m adding to the level of cat happiness in the world.

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If you have cat behavior problems, let me show you how to train cats to do what you’d rather have them do, and to stop doing what you don’t like. I’ve trained veterinarians and shelter workers nationally and internationally traveling the globe from Australia to the Philippines working with Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Welfare League, Tica, and NKLA.

I’ve trained all kinds of animals, but effective cat training is easy for me, and I can convey this training to you as I have to thousands of cat lovers everywhere.  Effective strategies go beyond the obvious and are more involved that what you’ll find on the internet.  Please know that cat training is not like dog training.  There is no intense hands-on approach with teaching your cat how to “behave”.  Again, it’s more scientific relating to their feline biology and how that causes them to relate and respond to the environment around them.  Cats have more of an innate wildness to them which also plays a role with some behavior issues owners may be tackling.

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FEATURED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Cat Whisperer book by Mieshelle Nagelschneider with co-writer Cameron Powell. Her book is required curriculum for a number of certifying behavior and training organizations.

Think You’ve Tried Everything to Train Your Cat? I’m Pretty Sure You Haven’t.

I also suggest that you read my cat behavior book published by Random House Publishing, The Cat Whisperer.  This is the first feline science book that is scholarly-cited for cat owners.  Also, please visit the clinic home page and read about my behavior issues solved and the holistic  C.A.T.™ behavior modification Plan.