The Real Cat Whisperer™ Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Harvard-trained Cat Behaviorist with hundreds of happy cat owner testimonials from 1999 to 2018.

Cat Whisperer Consulting with Mieshelle Nagelschneider is available by phone or video Skype.  You can book a consult here or feel free to call the clinic at 503-267-8888.

Veterinarian testimonial: “Over the course of many years, Mieshelle has developed and refined her unique ability to think like a cat.  On numerous occasions I have witnessed the life-changing benefits Mieshelle’s techniques can bring to cats and their sometimes very frustrated owners.” Dr. James R. Shultz DVM

Mieshelle Nagelschneider, Harvard-trained cat behaviorist and C.A.T. Counselor, creator of the first science-based Cat Whisperer behavior modification services:

Mieshelle is one of the world’s most renowned and sought-after cat behaviorists. Random House Publishing published the scholarly cited, most complete and up-to-date cat behavior book ever featured in The New York Times, The Cat Whisperer, with co-author Cameron Powell (available on Amazon now) and just recently finished filming for Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats guest starring as “The Cat Whisperer”, NBC Dateline’s “The Secret Lives of Cats and Dogs”, The Today Show, National Geographic documentary “The Wild Side of Cats” and “Why Animals Do Things” with Howie Mandel, guest starred as The Cat Whisperer on MTV, and is the spokesperson for Arm & Hammer Litter as The Cat Whisperer and Cat Behavior Expert.

In four decades of living with cats, training them, studying them, treating them as a veterinary technician, listening to them (even more valuable than whispering to them) and of course consulting on their unwanted behaviors, Mieshelle has logged more hours helping more cat owners solve more behavior issues than any other cat behaviorist in the U.S. and internationally.  Her testimonials (more testimonials) are also easily unrivaled since 1999.

Mieshelle recently lectured as the keynote speaker at the International Behavior Education Convention for the Humane Society and SPCA in Toronto, Canada and as the International Cat Behavior Expert for Whiskas, she toured the globe educating cat owners on cat behavior and elevating the status of the cat in other countries.  She is sought out, hired, and referred by veterinarians around the U.S., cat shelters, and wild-cat sanctuaries. When Hammacher Schlemmer needed a cat expert to test and review over a half-dozen advanced litter-box technologies, they came to Mieshelle.  As an anti-declaw advocate, she has spoke for Dr. Jenny Conrad and The Paw Project movie release and helped save cat’s lives speaking at the Best Friend’s Animal Society NKLA events in L.A. as The Cat Whisperer.

Mieshelle stays current on the latest in cat behavioral science through observational studies on cats and her latest study at Harvard University, where she focused on animal cognition.  As Team Cat Whisperer, she has spent time in a private cloud forest reserve in Costa Rica studying and observing with a team of biologists the 6 wildcats that are native there as part of her second upcoming book sequel to, The Cat Whisperer.

She has worked with thousands of cat owners and vets, and of those clients who follow her recommendations, including her proprietary C.A.T. Plan™, has helps save thousands of cats’ lives each year.  Mieshelle is also a long time member of The Animal Behavior Society, and a past associate certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Mieshelle’s science-based Cat Whisperer expertise has been sought out by and featured on Nat Geo Wild, The Today Show, Animal Planet, Whiskas live forum, Martha Stewart Radio,  The New York Times, Yahoo, Modern Cat Magazine, Pawnation, Animal Aid, Cat Fancy Magazine, USA Today, Fox, This Wild Life, Pet, Animal Rescue Site, Free Kibble Kat, The Divine Cat, Real Simple Magazine,, Petside, New Republic,  The Daily Cat, The Washingtonian, The Toronto Star, The Sunrise Show, The Circle, and countless others. See our Media Room for the latest.

Mieshelle is a popular resource for many cat-only veterinary practices nationwide, over 40 wild cat sanctuaries, and countless animal shelters needing expert advice on feline behavior.  She has been a donation “Guardian Angel” of Best Friend’s Animal Society for cats that need special physical or psychological support and has worked professionally with domestic, wild, and feral cats. She is one of the referred Feline Behavior Consultants for Animal Aid and The Cat Adoption Team of Oregon, a 350-cat no-kill shelter, and veterinarians across the U.S.

Mieshelle founded The Cat Behavior Clinic and has spent 25 years working professionally with cats of all kinds — from domestic cats to large exotics of the tiger family. Mieshelle started her career as a veterinary technician and psychology major. “I have been caring for animals since I began to walk,” she says, though not in a whisper, “dogs, cats, horses, birds — and have cared for them professionally since 1989. Before long, I realized cat owners are under-served and I began to focus my work exclusively on cat care — which sometimes means care of their owners too. ”

Mieshelle lives in the Pacific Northwest with 12 other animals, including seven cats (Jasper Moo Foo, Rhapsody in Blue, Clawde, Barthelme, Lady Josephine, Farsi Noir, and Braumwell), the cats’ bird friend Pidgeoto, a Savannah Monitor, their dog-toy Piccolo (a Teacup Chihuahua), and the cats’ personal body guard, a soulful Great Dane named Jazzy.

Oh, and Nagelschneider is her real name — it’s German for “nail clipper,” and we’re not making that up. She’s also known for her uncanny ability to trim cats’ nails without needing to restrain them.

Mieshelle’s breakthrough book for solving and even preventing all feline behavior problems, The Cat Whisperer (Random House Publishing), is available everywhere and was featured in The New York Times.


Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider
Mieshelle with Lynn Hoover, President of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 2005


  • Cat Behavior Counselors (Certified C.A.T. Behavior Counselor)



  • Harvard University – 2007 — Animal Behavior (towards citation in animal cognition)
  • Psychology major 1989 – 1991