Clinic Cat Behavior Success Rate

Success rates

Below are the recent main findings of the success clients had with our cat behavior consultation programs:

  • 95% of clients reported a high degree of success or that their cat’s behavior issue was remedied.  Of these cases, 92% said their cats’ issues were completely remedied and 8%  said there was a “huge” reduction in the unwanted behavior.
  • 92% of clients felt that we had “thoroughly” explained the causes for the behavior problem and the reasons for the treatment recommendations made. 8% felt we had “mostly” explained this.
  • Only 4% of clients found our recommendations to be “very” or “somewhat difficult” to implement.
  • 90% of urination, defecation and excessive vocalization and/or excessive activity clients had a “high degree” of success or “100% success” in the first 1 to 2 weeks of implementing the behavior recommendations.

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