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Oxford-trained, Certified Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider is the founder of the “Cat Behaviorist” specialty and the first cat-only behavior practice in Florida.  The clinic goes beyond the obvious behavior strategies to change a cat’s behavior and offers complete behavior plans that apply training modalities that are based on feline evolutionary biology and other instinctual behavior of the cat to effectively change the cat’s behavior long term.  Urination, defecation, urine spray-marking and aggression are the most common issues the clinic addresses.

Florida Cat Behavior Consulting Service:  Schedule a Consultation with Award-winning Certified Cat Behaviorist and Award-winning Feline Behavior Science Author, Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Oxford University, The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh was Mieshelle’s most recent study of animal behavior.  Her animal study experience at Harvard University has also enabled her to help cat owners think more scientifically about their cat’s behavior (read more here). 

Florida Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle with vet partner

The clinic performs in-person and remote consultations for the entire State of Florida (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, to Jacksonville and surrounding areas).  She also conducts remote consults in over 30 countries since 1999.  Read 274 Solved Case Study Reviews and Client Testimonials

What’s New with Wildcat Hybrid Expert Mieshelle and National Geographic:

Mieshelle is an expert for National Geographic on the 37 species of wildcats (this includes the domestic cat and wildcat hybrids) and long time cat behavior expert for their numerous cat documentaries, TV Shows, and published works.  You can watch her most recent National Geographic Show, Animals Doing Things with Howie Mandel.

Florida Cat Behaviorist

Schedule an in-home, phone, or Skype video feline behavior consultation with Florida Certified Cat Behaviorist and New York Times Acclaimed Feline Behavior Science Author Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

Important Update:  We are currently scheduling for August 18th thr0ugh August 31st.

She has lectured at the international level at education conventions for veterinarians, the Humane Society, and SPCA from Australia to the Philippines on common feline behavior issues the clinic solves.  The veterinarian performs consultations locally only.  Schedule a consultation program online or call:  503-267-8888

2019 Florida Cat Behaviorist Testimonials

2019 Cat Behavior Testimonial:  Thanks to your cat behaviorist, we now have a urine-free cat family just like she said we would.  Our home no longer smells like cat urine and the added bonus is that our cats are so much happier.  The information provided is no where on the internet.  The consultation program was very worth our time and investment and we feel so lucky to have worked with Mieshelle.   Regards, The Taylor Cat Family, Miami, Florida

Florida Cat Behavior Review:  Well,  I can’t believe it took just 3 days, but it was that easy.  We DID NOT have to add extra litter boxes either.  Mieshelle is brilliant and saw the problems right away.  It’s week 7 and not one accident outside the box.  Claudine has begun playing again with her toys and she actually sits next to Augustus now.  This is unheard of and I can’t thank you enough.   All the best, One grateful and enlightened cat owner.  Paula S.  Orlando, Florida

Florida Cat Behavior Review:  I considered myself a very savvy cat owner having owned multiple cats my entire life, but I have learned so much from Mieshelle, your cat behaviorist.  When we rescued the feral cats from our Florida golf course, we had no idea what we were in for.  The urine almost ruined our home and the cats fighting almost ended our marriage.  Mieshelle became the light in the very small world of cat behavior knowledge available to cat owners.  We have recommended your practice to our Florida veterinarian and we will contact you after we return from our vacation to schedule our last call.  Thank you for all that you do.  Mary S. – Tampa, Florida

Read 274 Solved Case Study Reviews and Client Testimonials for Our Cat Behaviorist Helping hundreds of Florida Cat Owners!