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February 2, 2012  From cat behaviorist, Mieshelle Nagelschneider

As a cat behaviorist and cat whisperer (science-based), I get this cat behavior question posed to me quite often — “Why do cats knead or try and cover their food?”.

Here’s the answer:

This kneading behavior is a very common and instinctual behavior seen in adult cats as well as kittens. Also known as “milk treading”, kneading behavior (often accompanied by purring) is a behavior from kitten-hood that stimulated milk flow from the mother cat’s teats.

Helping Cats Can Help Us Too


The man who used to approach the cat stroller who use to think Foxxy was the meanest cat, he says she’s not the same cat she used to be.  No more hissing or mean cat.  She is a totally different cat now!

But the biggest change was in me. You taught me to understand cats and how to approach cats.  One thing: Do not (behavior advice removed) her and (behavior advice removed) and always (behavior advice removed).  That made a big difference.

I can brush her now.  She doesn’t claw or hiss anymore.  I learned not to do certain things and that worked.