CATS EXCLUSIVELY Since 1999 with Formal Animal Behavior and Psychology Study at Yale, Oxford University, The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and her Study and Experience at Harvard University 

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Mieshelle Nagelschneider is the recipient of the Golden Purr Award for her contribution to cat behavior. Learn more about her formal study in animal behavior and animal welfare at Oxford University, The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and her studies and experience at Yale and Harvard University.  Specialized study and certification along with formal education in animal behavior has helped enable her in solving cat behavior issues around the globe for cat owners since 1999. Read 200 + client testimonials and case study reviews.

Yes.  Cat-only behaviorists are few and far between. Mieshelle and Dr. Shultz go beyond the obvious behavior strategies and facts during the behavior consultation program with full behavior plans. Mieshelle has lectured at the international level at education conventions for veterinarians, the Humane Society/SPCA around the world on all common cat behavior issues along with the most “perplexing” ones.  Please see our outstanding Clinic success rate.

Scheduling Step One: Choose and Schedule a Phone or Video Skype Consultation: 

Update:  We are currently scheduling through January 31st.  Receive the study discount for urination or defecation issues through January 31st if you participate in the clinic’s feline data study.

 $450.00 Comprehensive Consultation Behavior Wellness Program

  • Suitable for all feline aggression issues, anxiety-related issues, urine-marking, excessive vocalization or nighttime activity, PICA, and overgrooming behavior issues.
  • Two-hour minimum consultation time (up to 4 hours) by phone or video (Skype or Zoom) during 8 week program.
  • During the consultation process you will receive an in depth behavior analysis and an all-encompassing tailored behavior plan with behavior strategies for your single cat or multi-cat household based on the most recent cat behavior studies.
  • A flexible plan allows you to use your consult time over the course of 8 weeks.
  • Includes ongoing weekly analysis and behavior plan progression recommendations during your scheduled consult time phone or video follow-ups.

Feel free to call the clinic at 1-503-267-8888 to ask questions or to schedule for this consultation program.

Book A Consultation - Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle

$250.00 Urination and Defecation Consultation Behavior Wellness Program (this fee includes the study discount).

  • Urination and defecation consults only.  Through January 31st participate in our social facilitation or intercat aggression data study consultation program and receive the study discount fee rate of $250.00.
  • One-hour Consultation with second 30 minute follow-up included by phone or video (Skype or Zoom). This consult includes the $200.00 study reduced consult fee — normally 450.00.
  • Included is a comprehensive behavior analysis and tailored behavior plan during the one-hour consultation.  This plan includes a 30 minute follow-up consultation at 2 – 4 weeks after your initial consultation that you schedule.
  • 4 week program time includes ongoing weekly analysis and behavior plan progression recommendations during your scheduled phone or video consult time follow-up.

Feel free to call the clinic at 1-503-267-8888 to ask questions or to schedule for this consultation program.

Book A Consultation - Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle

In-home local consultations are accepted on a case by case basis by Dr. Jim Shultz DVM or Mieshelle Nagelschneider and rates are determined by your location and nature of behavior issue. Dr. Shultz performs in-home consults locally only.  The majority of our clients schedule phone or video consultations with Mieshelle.

After You Choose Your Consultation Program:

After payment, you will be taken to Step 2 and 3 for scheduling and access to the Feline Behavior Questionnaire. You can also call the clinic to pay with credit card and schedule over the phone:  1-503-267-8888

You are guaranteed an appointment email within 48 hours (excluding weekends). If you’re somewhat flexible, we can typically schedule you within the week. Our office scheduling hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time Monday to Friday, but consultations are also conducted on Saturday and Sunday.  Mieshelle conducts consultation worldwide from California to Norway.  The veterinarian also performs in-home consultations.  Appointment times are 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time/12:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

•  Important:  If paying by Paypal, be sure to click on “back to website” link on your last Paypal payment page.  You will then be taken to Step 2 (scheduling) and Step 3 (Feline Behavior History Questionnaire).


Mieshelle’s International Cat Behavior Media Tour – Parent Magazine Live in Toronto, Canada – Preventing Feline Behavior Issues

Is Your Cat a Good Candidate for a Behavior Consultation?

Probably, but this is our clinic efficacy guarantee policy:  We know you are loving cat owners wanting the best for your cats and we are here to offer our guidance and expertise.  If after the Cat Behaviorist reviews your completed feline behavior history form it’s determined a consultation would not be appropriate or effective for your cat(s), the clinic will refund your consultation fee, but still hold a short consultation at no charge to let you know what kind of help would be the most beneficial for your cat behavior problem.

It’s important to work with an experienced cat behaviorist, but most importantly, one with formal study in animal behavior and a track record of proven results. The benefits of working with a cat behaviorist who really understands the latest in feline behavior can literally last you for years. (Like driving lessons, typing lessons, or a parenting class). A consultation with Mieshelle is nothing less than an investment towards a happier and problem-free cat — and toward your sanity. The advice, knowledge, and tools you’ll get during and after your consultation, as well as the traps (and products) to avoid, will repay you many times over.

Clinic Policies: Cancellation, refund, or reschedule policy is a minimum of 48 hours notice required. There are absolutely no refunds given for gift certificates or consultations purchased for a third party.  They are transferable, however, and can be donated to a shelter or another cat owner. No refunds are given for unused “leftover” consultation time and all allotted appointment time must be used in either the 4 or 8 week initial program.  For clients past their program time, you can purchase a reduced rate 30 minute phone or Skype follow-up for $50.00 if deemed appropriate by the clinic for your behavior issue.  Certain issues require a new consultation especially if it’s been several months since your last consult or you have a different behavior issue than when you first consulted with the clinic.  You must complete the behavior history questionnaire prior to your appointment time in order to have a one or two-hour consultation unless the behaviorist allows to waive this step. At this time, our vet performs in-person consultations only.

The value you receive goes well beyond the cat issue you have today. Because we truly educate our clients on how cats act and behave — and especially how their behavior is totally different from the dogs that most people unconsciously use as models — our clients are able to more knowledgeably raise and enjoy cats for as long as they have cats.  Mieshelle’s most recent study of animal behavior was at Harvard University and she has written the first scholary-cited cat behavior book for cat owners that has been published in 4 languages (with co-author Cameron Powell).

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