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Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle

The Science Behind Successfully Diagnosing and Treating Cat Behavior Issues

The Cat Behavior Clinic has been providing feline behavioral health consultations since 1999 and has the unique designation of being the first cat-only behavior clinic in the United States.  Founder of the clinic, Mieshelle Nagelschneider, studied animal behavior at Oxford University, animal behavior and animal welfare at the University of Edinburgh (Royal School of Veterinary Studies), and her experience at Harvard University (read more here) has enabled her to help cat owners understand the science behind their cat’s behavior.  She is the award-winning international author of New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science book published in 4 languages by Random House Publishing,  She is also the cat behaviorist for National Geographic cat behavior documentaries and published works as the expert on the 37 species of wildcats including the domestic house cat. 

Mieshelle Nagelschneider
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Cat Behaviorist for Life Magazine Mieshelle Nagelschneider Interview
LIFE Magazine with Feline Behavioral Scientist Mieshelle on the History of Gene-encoded Cat Behavior

Scheduling a Phone, Video, or In-person Consultation

Formal university studies in scientifically observing, analyzing and recording animal behavior and understanding the evolutionary biology and gene-encoded behavior of the cat, has enabled Mieshelle to help thousands of cat owners over two decades throughout the United States and in over 30 different countries by phone (or video) solving their behavior issues. Recipient of the Golden Purr Award for her contribution to cat behavior, Mieshelle also performs in-person consultations and our veterinarian Dr. Jim Shultz performs local in-home consultations only. Read 274 solved case study reviews and client testimonials from phone or remote video consultations.

Scheduling Step One: Choose and Schedule a Phone or Video Skype Consultation

Important Update:  We are currently scheduling July 17th through July 31st.  Receive the study participation discount for urination or defecation issues through July 31st. 

$450.00 Comprehensive Feline Cognition Behavior Wellness Consultation Program

  • Suitable for all feline aggression issues, anxiety or fear related issues, urine-marking, excessive vocalization or nighttime activity, PICA, and overgrooming behavior issues (or more complex urination or defecation issues).
  • Includes up to 3 hours consultation time by phone or video (Skype, Zoom, or Facetime) during 8 week program. Many of our clients use 2 to 5 consultations during this time.
  • During the consultation process you will receive an in-depth behavior analysis and an all-encompassing tailored behavior plan with behavior strategies for your single cat or multi-cat household based on the most recent cat behavior research studies.
  • A flexible plan allows you to use your consult time over the course of 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Includes ongoing weekly analysis and behavior plan progression recommendations during your scheduled consultation follow-ups.Book A Consultation - Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle

$250.00 Urination and Defecation Consultation Feline Cognition Behavior Wellness Program

  • Urination and defecation consults only.  Through July 31st become part of our social facilitation study consultation program and receive the study discounted fee rate of $250.00. It’s your chance to not only help your feline, but other felines experiencing behavior issues.  To qualify for the study you must be able to safely brush your cat.
  • Includes up to 2 hours of consult time.  The first consultation usually lasts one-hour.  The remaining time can be used in a second or third follow-up by phone or video (Skype, Facetime, Zoom) during the 4 week program time. This consult includes the $200.00 study reduced consult fee — normally 450.00.
  • Included is a comprehensive behavior analysis and tailored behavior plan during the one-hour consultation.  This plan includes one or two follow-up consultations at the 2 or 4 week point after your initial consultation that you schedule.
  • 4 week program time includes ongoing weekly analysis and behavior plan progression recommendations during your scheduled phone consult time follow-ups. Book A Consultation - Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle
$1200.00 In-Person Consultation
  •  Consultations conducted in your home by Mieshelle or Dr. Shultz are taken on a case by case basis if the clinic determines that a remote video or phone consultation would not be appropriate for specific cat behavior issues.  Yes, Mieshelle has even flown to Japan and the Philippines for in-home cat behavior consultations!
After You Choose Your Consultation Program:

After payment, you will be taken to Step 2 and 3 for scheduling and access to the Feline Behavior Questionnaire. You can also call the clinic to pay with credit card and schedule over the phone:  1-503-267-8888

You are guaranteed an appointment email within 48 hours (excluding weekends). If you’re somewhat flexible, we can typically schedule you within the week. Our office scheduling hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time Monday to Friday, but consultations are also conducted on Saturday and Sunday.  Mieshelle conducts consultation worldwide.  The veterinarian also performs in-home consultations.  Appointment times are 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time/12:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

•  Important:  If paying by Paypal, be sure to click on “back to website” link on your last Paypal payment page.  You will then be taken to Step 2 (scheduling) and Step 3 (Feline Behavior History Questionnaire).

The Cat Whisperer

Gene-encoded Cat Behavior:  It Matters For Lasting Success for Cat Behavior Issues

Our cat behavior program provides a comprehensive treatment approach incorporating a behavioral cognitive, ethological, and feline evolutionary point of view. Taking into consideration feline evolutionary biology and your cat’s gene-encoded behavior (instincts and fixed action patterns) is just one of several components that must be part of a successful behavior plan that has lasting results.  To achieve this it’s necessary to work with an experienced cat behaviorist, but most importantly, one with formal study in animal behavior. The ability to apply the sciences of genetics, animal psychology, biology, physiology, and feline learning and memory is needed to effectively correct a cat’s behavior.  

Is Your Cat a Good Candidate for a Behavior Consultation?

Probably, but this is our clinic efficacy guarantee policy:  We know you are loving cat owners wanting the best for your cats and we are here to offer our guidance and expertise.  If after the clinic evaluates your completed feline behavior history form it’s determined a consultation would not be appropriate or effective for your cat(s), the clinic will hold a consultation at no charge to discuss what would be the most beneficial help for your cat.

What’s the Latest with Mieshelle and National Geographic?
37 Wildcat Species Expert for National Geographic:  As an award-winning cat behavior science author published by Random House, she also works behind the scenes as the cat behavior expert for numerous National Geographic published works on the 37 species of wildcats, tigers, and every breed of the domestic house cat as well as cat and tiger television documentaries.  Watch Mieshelle on National Geographic’s Animals Doing Things with Howie Mandel as their cat behaviorist and other cat behavior documentaries by Nat Geo Wild
The Science Behind Successfully Diagnosing and Treating Cat Behavior Issues

Our cat behavior program provides a comprehensive treatment approach incorporating a behavioral cognitive, ethological, and feline evolutionary point of view. Understanding how behavior is actually measured and how scientific studies are conducted and reported is crucial before taking the steps involved in designing and carrying out a behavior plan to change a cat’s behavior. The benefits of working with a cat behaviorist who really understands the latest in feline behavior can literally last you for years. (Like driving lessons, typing lessons, or a parenting class). A consultation with Mieshelle is nothing less than an investment towards a happier and problem-free cat — and toward your sanity. The advice, knowledge, and tools you’ll get during and after your consultation, as well as the traps (and products) to avoid, will repay you many times over.

Mieshelle’s Internationally Published Books and National Geographic Works
Award-winning, Random House Publishing, The Cat Whisperer. Acclaimed New York Times Feline Science Author and the First Scholarly-cited Cat Behavior Book for Cat Owners

“The reason people are so mesmerized by house cats is because they are truly miniature versions of lions, tigers, and leopards. In her book The Cat Whisperer, Mieshelle Nagelschneider explains the behavior of the house cat in an unprecedented and most accessible way, offering unique insight into the often misunderstood companion animal that is as wild as we have become civilized.”—Jordan Carlton Schaul, Ph.D., contributing editor, National Geographic, and curator, Orange County Zoo

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The Cat Whisperer book
Mieshelle’s book, The Cat Whisperer, is also published in German and Polish (Arkana Publishing and Random House).
The Cat Whisperer Book by Mieshelle Nagelschneider
Mieshelle’s cat behavior science book, The Cat Whisperer, is also published in Hungarian (Jaffa Publishing).
Cat Behaviorist Book Mieshelle Nagelschneider for National Geographic
Latest for National Geographic: With the help of veterinarian Dr. Gary Weitzman and cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider, kids will learn how to understand their cat’s behavior.


Mieshelle’s International Arm & Hammer Litter Cat Behavior Media Tour – Parent Magazine Live in Toronto, Canada – Preventing Feline Behavior Issues.  Mieshelle goes beyond the obvious behavior strategies and facts during the behavior consultation program with comprehensive behavior plans based on scientific research behavior studies of felids, your cat’s feline evolutionary biology, innate learning styles and memory, and current external and internal factors affecting your cat.  Our outstanding 95% clinic success rate. 

Please familiarize yourself with our Clinic Policies including cancellation, rescheduling and refund policies here.

In-home local consultations are accepted on a case by case basis by Dr. Jim Shultz DVM or Mieshelle Nagelschneider and rates are determined by your location and nature of behavior issue, but normally begin at $1200.00 (plus flight and hotel accommodations if you are out of state). Dr. Shultz performs in-home consults locally only.  The majority of our clients schedule phone or video consultations with Mieshelle.  Follow-up calls are $75.00 for up to a 30 minute call.

The value you receive goes well beyond the cat issue you have today. Because we truly educate our clients on how cats act and behave — and especially how their behavior is totally different from the dogs that most people unconsciously use as models — our clients are able to more knowledgeably raise and enjoy cats for as long as they have cats.

Read over 274 solved case studies and client testimonials