Please complete this form to update us on the progress of your cat(s). Depending on the cat behavior issue, good progress or 100% success typically takes 2 to 8 weeks from the date of implementing the entire behavior plan. Please remember you are responsible for scheduling your phone follow-ups using this form or by calling the clinic at 503-267-8888. Mieshelle is unable to email clients and conducts phone calls (or video calls when necessary) for your follow-up calls to answer any questions or to move on to any next step strategies.
  • (Example: My cat's urination issue frequency has decreased by 75% since implementing the behavior plan strategies).
    PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT charged for follow-up calls that you initially paid for as long as you are within your 4 program time (the following Paypal payment page does not apply to you). Scheduling: You do not need to schedule a follow-up call unless you need additional help (i.e. the behavior is not improving), but we do recommend having at least one follow-up call during your program time of 4 weeks. If using this form to schedule a follow-up call and you have used all of your allotted time or your 4 week program time has ended, the fee is $125.00 for a follow-up call.
  • We have seen (and smelled) a difference already! We (behavior plan removed) and it's AMAZING! (Behavior plan removed) like nothing I've ever used before! Mario has been pacing a LOT less! and I've seen him do his "twitchy tail" but then checked and there was no spray. He still cries at the windows but the (behavior plan removed) seems to be helping for sure! All in all, we've seen improvement and that's a miracle with all the change that's been going on in our home preparing for our move. We're continuing all the (behavior plan removed). Our little Ginger cat seems to have stopped going potty on the couch as well, she really likes the (behavior plan removed). Kelsey G.

    Kelsey G.
  • Cleo is doing excellently and we haven’t had one instance (litter box issues) for over a month now so we are quite happy. We will probably keep the (behavior plan removed) and this will be the new permanent. Cleo seems happy and I would like to thank you for the help. Regards, Janice

    Janice V.
  • We (behavior plan removed) Greta (behavior plan removed). She would generally poop in the litter box within 1/2 hour, then we would (behavior plan removed). She became so used to it that she would start meowing when she was done pooping. :) After about 3 weeks, we thought we would test her. She has passed with flying colors! She has not pooped on the carpet! Yay! :) Thank you!

    J. Tangedal
  • Snowflake has not pooped outside of the box since I (behavior plan removed) in the house. I feel like I have seen snowflake more on the main floor during the day over the last couple weeks. I have seen the two cats together on more than one occasion or in the same room which seldom happened before the (behavior plan removed). Thank you!

    Holly G.
  • All is well here! So far, no accidents :) I will give you a report of the log at the end of the week. Thank you!

    Atlas Z.
  • My cat Guinevere has not urinated on the bed since our consultation on April 1st. We (behavior plan removed). The (behavior plan removed) is a big hit with all 3 cats. They can't seem to get enough of it and (behavior plan removed). They all seem to be satisfied with (behavior plan removed).

    K. Baker
  • Ever since the day of our first call, Dax has only used the cat box, so I guess it is 100% better now. We hadn't even changed anything yet. Maybe he just knew... ;) Since Thursday, March 19, Dax has not urinated anywhere but the litter box! (Behavior plan removed) seems to have made all the difference! We (behavior plan removed) where Dax had repeatedly urinated. A few days ago, we also (behavior plan removed). T. Brandon

    T. Brandon
  • I am happy to share that there has been 100% reduction now in unwanted behaviour. I have (behavior plan removed) recommended by Mieshelle. I am not sure yet if he (behavior plan removed). We have also made a lot of progress with (behavior plan removed). Murray has decided he likes the play time a lot now :) A. McKown

    A. McKown
  • Yes, 99% improved. She had one episode where she peed in the guest bedroom, but she also had locked herself in the room, so not completely her fault. (Behavior plan removed) and (behavior plan removed). She’s doing great! She seems so much less stressed and hasn’t had any accidents since implementing the program. K. Cassidy

    K. Cassidy
  • Hi Mieshelle, Hope you and yours are safe and faring well during this unprecedented time. We wanted to let you know that after following all of your suggestions and advice, Sasha is now using one litter box with no back sliding! Also, and this is very good news, after voicing our concerns about pyometra in unspayed cats, particularly Maine Coons, our vet agreed to spay Sasha. She had the procedure early in April and is now fully recovered. She did not go into heat prior to the surgery. We are very relieved! Thank you for your expertise and great advice. The Tappers

    J and L Tapper
  • I consulted Mieshelle for my 4 month old kitten Bun Bun. When we got her, it was like she had never used a litterbox. She was peeing/pooping on the carpet, on the bed, on the bathroom floor...I was having to do laundry every single day. I was at my wits end. I did extensive research to find a forums, books, youtube videos, etc. I tried everything...different boxes, litter types, etc. She was traumatized every time I would attempt to even place her in the box. Within one week of consulting with Mieshelle, she had fixed our problems. Bun Bun hasn't had a problem in over 6 weeks. She also helped us integrate a second kitty. Her tips/tricks helped the kitties love each other before they even met. I 100% recommend! Dr. Midori Higashi

    Dr. Midori Higashi
  • Dear Clinic Team, We are no longer at our wits end!! After years o vet visits (she was NOT sick) and a few other behaviorists, finally, with your expertise (which is far above everyone else we worked with), Sasha's 3 year urination rampage issue has now ended. It's been 6 weeks and she has not urinated outside of the litter box once! I can hardly believe that I can type this and that I don't have plastic on my furniture anymore. As you remember she was urinating on every piece of furniture and there was just no rhyme or reason. She is also a happier cat and playful again. We obviously didn't understand her behaviorally. We have told everyone about you and our vet's office. Thank goodness for you and your priceless expertise, I just wish we would have found you sooner. Also, I wanted to ask you about adopting another cat. Can we schedule another call mid-March? Best, Sandra S. and Sasha Los Angeles, California Phone Consultation 2020

    Sandra S.
  • The Cat Behavior Clinic, My cat’s urination issue completely resolved within 24 hours of (Behavior Plan removed). Thank you, Anna C. Kirkland, Washington 2020 Phone Consultation

    Anna C.
  • Hello Clinic Team, Sasha began using the litter box versus the tub right away once we (behavior plan removed). (Behavior plan removed) provided adequate discouragement. She is now burying both feces and urine! Thank you, Janet T. 2020 Phone Consultation

    Janet T.
  • Hi The Cat Behavior Clinic, Pippa seems to be less anxious this week. So far no peeing on anything. I have (behavior plan removed). They were so happy to get their (behavior plan). We were barely able (behavior plan removed) started using it! They have not gone back to the (behavior information) even once! Thank you, L. Hays 2020 Phone Consultation

    L. Hays
  • Houston, We No Longer Have a Problem - Mieshelle, No urination outside the litter box since we (behavior plan removed)! Thank you, Ashley W. Houston, Texas 2020 Phone Consultation

    Ashley W.
  • We have had no incidents of urination or defecation outside of the litter box! Xabi still primarily uses the (behavior advice removed). It’s been pretty great! Both cats seem very happy and I haven’t had any unwanted behaviors other than the occasional episodes of dominant behavior by Xabi. Thank you, Laura M. Portland, Oregon 2020 Video Consultation

    Laura M.
  • It Really Can Be Home Sweet Home! Mieshelle, Noah's aggressive behaviour towards Luna has improved significantly over the past two weeks. They are now able to be together most of the day. His least favourite time to be together with Luna is when he is wanting to rest or sleep. If Luna tries to cuddle up to him he gets on top of her grasping her head and bites at her neck. Most of their playtime together has improved 90% where we do not have to separate them. Luna can take care of herself. We are so very thankful for all the help and knowledge to get us through our hurdles with Noah. We were so close to rehoming either Noah or Luna thinking that things would stay as they were. It would have been devastating making that decision. Thank you, Linda L. Delta, British Columbia 2019 Phone Consultation

    Linda L.
  • Brigitte and Bardot Really Do Go Together: 4 week update - Although Brigitte is a little more reserved since the extended family left, she & Bardot are getting along reasonably well. There has been no inappropriate urination anywhere for more than 1 month, as far as I can tell. Her mood is more social, reasonably content, & less anxious overall. She “smiles” & squints with happiness more often. Thank you, Kerri K. Louisville, Kentucky 2019 Phone Consultation

    Kerri K.
  • Heading Into 2020 Cat Pee Free! - No peeing outside the litter box since our call!! We implemented the (behavior plan removed). Thank you, Lisa H. Moraga, California 2019 Phone Behavior Consultation

    Lisa H.
  • Rocket Man Cat It's Been a Long Long Time Since You've Urinated! - Mieshelle, Rocket has been (urine) incident free since the last report. This is especially noteworthy, as I was out of town Friday - Sunday. I have (behavior plan removed) and I am thrilled that Rocket seems to be doing better. He is a very affectionate cat (with me), but is not really interested in playing with toys. Because of this, I haven't implemented any of the strategies with (behavior plan removed), but have made it a point to (behavior plan removed) especially right after I (behavior plan removed). Thank you, Becky S. Waukesha, Wisconsin 2019 Phone Consultation

    Becky S.
  • Flipping for Pancake's Success! - Hi, Pancake continues to use her box. She spent a week in boarding (5/15-5/23) and the boarding kennel said she used her box without issue while with them. When I brought Pancake back from boarding, I (behavior plan removed) as instructed. Pancake is doing great and (behavior plan removed). Thank you, Sarah M. Chicago, Illinois 2019 Phone Consultation

    Sarah M.
  • We Can Even Change How Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book Characters Interact: Hi, Bagheera and Khan are doing very well. They haven't fought since we started (behavior plan removed). They do play sometimes and once and a while Khan will get over zealous, but its very infrequent. They both have calmed down considerably. Thank you, Kim T. Denver, North Carolina 2019 Phone Consultation

    Kim T.
  • Florida Cat Owners Are Happy Too - Since the consultation, she has used the litter box on a daily basis. The consultation was on Tuesday. I have implemented the (behavior plan removed). Starting next week I am supposed to (behavior plan removed). She seems to use the box in (behavior plan removed). Much improved. I am very happy. Thank you, Lynn M. Oakland Park, Florida 2019 Phone Consultation

    Lynn M.
  • All Hail the Litter Box Queen - We have implemented (behavior plan removed) and we have not had an accident since 6/10 with Queen Elizabeth. She seems to be doing well and is using the litter boxes regularly. Thank you, Molly M. Portland, Oregon 2019 Phone Consultation

    Molly M.
  • It's Never Too Late to Know Thy Cat - Mieshelle, She is continuing to urinate 4-5 times in the litter box and we have been able to get her to (behavior plan removed). Overall she seems: 1) much more friendly and interested in interacting with everyone 2) much more calm even when something that typically would scare her occurs 3) genuinely seems like a happier cat overall We have slowly started opening up areas that she used to urinate with success of no urination. We started by first putting back down the door mats that she previously had urinated on. After about a week of no issues we removed the (behavior advice removed) and she has not urinated on the couch. Today we have taken the largest next step by opening up the bedroom doors, previously this would be a huge issue with her urinating on the beds. So far a full day has passed without incident. We hope this continues. Her late night crying at the doors still does occur, but is much less than it was before. With the opportunity to potentially leave open the bedroom doors, this might be resolved for good. (Behavior plan removed) which she absolutely LOVES -- i have never seen her play with a toy so intently before She honestly just seems like a much more happier cat overall. I feel like we have been missing her messaging for years and she must finally feel like "wow they are finally doing what i have been trying to ask for over the last 8 years!" Thank you, Sean G. Naples, Florida 2019 Video Consultation

    Sean G.
  • Massive Improvements for One Little Cat! - Mieshelle, I am cautiously optimistic, but she has not peed on anything outside her litter box in over 3 weeks. This is a massive improvement. Overall she seems to be doing quite well, but I continue to monitor her behavior. I took her to the vet to follow up on her bladder issues but have not yet heard the results. Thank you, Erica R. Brooklyn, New York 2019 Phone Consultation

    Erica R.
  • Camp Pee-Be-Gone Does Exist: Hi, Since 7/6, the day after Bertie's return from camp, we have been pee-free (now 7/26)! Fingers crossed! As recommended in the 7/11 follow-up consultation, we slowly (behavior plan removed). No out of box incidents! We are doing the (behavior plan removed). I think it's really helping the others to accept Bertie and making Bertie feel more comfortable. Thank you, Deborah C. Charlotte, North Carolina 2019 Phone Consultation

    Deborah C.
  • Couch-Proof Cats Are Our Specialty - Mieshelle, Things have improved so much since our phone call!! Ever since I implemented (behavior plan removed) we have only had one marking incident. Now that (behavior plan removed) we haven't had any issues! She seems so much calmer and even sits on the couch without looking like she's going to mark. Thank you, Anamarie A. Miami, Florida 2019 Phone Consultation

    Anamarie A.
  • Everything's Coming Up Roses - Mieshelle, I wanted to give a final report on Rose. Rose has defecated only in the litter box over the past three weeks!! Plus, she covers the defecation once she is finished. I want to thank Mieshelle and the clinic for all of their help and support. Without Mieshelle's plan and weekly support, I would have had no idea what products to buy and behavior strategies to implement. It was money well spent. Thanks again!!! Rod E. Chesterton, Indiana 2019 Phone Consultation

    Rod E.
  • One More Happy Cat in NYC! - Mieshelle, Behavior has improved. Since using (behavior plan removed) my cat no longer has vocalizations at night. Additionally, she has been using the litter box consistently for urination and defecation. The only issue that remains is increasing her bowel movements to everyday rather than every other day or every 2 days. My cat seems a lot more relaxed. We had guests over and she was very friendly and social, instead of running away as she is prone to do. We don’t know if this could be related to the temporary absence of the next door neighbor’s dog. We share a wall with the neighbors, and while Coco hasn’t ever had interactions with the dog, we think she can sense, hear and smell the dog. Thank you, M. L. New York, New York

  • Cats in Chicago Need Help Too! - Mieshelle, He is not peeing anywhere but the box. He is using the (behavior plan removed). Thank you, M. Abbott Chicago, Illinois 2019 Phone Consultation

    M. Abbott
  • Hi Clinic, I have not forgotten you, our schedules have been TOO crazy to coordinate an available time to re-meet with Mieshelle. Possibly when September unfolds we can get a date and time on the calendar? Basically, Coco is pooping well in the box now with (behavior plan removed). One accident in the last 2 weeks. That was in a familiar spot for accidents in the spare bedroom upstairs and we forgot to (behavior advice removed). Could you please update Mieshelle? Thank you, Brenda S. Tacoma, Washington 2019 Phone Testimonial

    Brenda S.
  • We have had a full week with all potty taking place in the litter boxes. Griffin has pooped in the box twice while I was in the area; not concerned about me being there. She usually follows me in there and watches me clean, but getting in the box on her own and using it in front of me is new behavior. She has made great progress since (behavior plan removed). Thank you, M.K. Springfield, Tennessee 2019 Phone Consultation

    Melinda K.
  • Mieshelle, Teka has responded well to all (behavior plan removed) about outside the box. I do think our consultations with you have been very successful. The only other problem we presently have with Teka is her ongoing biting and jumping on the kitchen counters. That is a separate problem altogether. Virginia M. Portland, Oregon 2019 Phone Consultation

    Virginia M.
  • Hi, Bagheera has been doing great the past two weeks! No behavior incidents, and we are really bonding. So far, I think my plan to improve our emotional bond has been going great. Bagheera keeps flopping around on her side and back, showing her belly, when she sees me for the first time most days. She licks me happily several times a day, often lays out and purrs when I pet her, and occasionally slow-blinks. She has also been following us around the house less and spending more time alone. She's always liked to follow us around and still does, but during the bad times, she watched us like a hawk. That is not at all the case now--she seems undisturbed when we move about the house and spends some time alone in her favorite places. Overall, we are super-happy with how she is doing. We were getting really worried a few weeks ago when she had a couple hissing incidents, but the past three weeks she has shown steady progress and started acting far more affectionate and comfortable. Thank you, Adam F. California 2019 Video Consultation

    Adam F.
  • Things have improved. Edith has had no accidents on the floor now that I have (behavior plan removed) per Mieshelle. This is huge for me! I was only able to set up the (behavior advice removed) last week Wednesday, but just in that short period of time I feel like I have seen some minor improvements. Edith used to poop in the tub on almost a daily basis. She has only done it twice since last week Wednesday. Thank you, H. Estes

    H. Estes
  • The Cat Behavior Clinic, The urination outside the box has decreased by 99%. They all seem to love the (behavior plan removed). Thank you, Mark K. Seattle, Washington 2019 Phone Consultation

    Mark K.
  • Urine update. No peeing or meowing going on 4 weeks! Thank you, Alexis D. Hoboken, New Jersey 2019 Phone Consultation

    Alexis D.
  • The Cat Behavior Clinic, I hope I am not jumping the gun and jinxing this whole thing. I am (behavior plan removed). So far Simon has not marked or urinated inappropriately. I cannot believe (behavior plan removed) changed his behavior so fast. Just counting the days. It is funny when we have trouble with dogs we adopt out some of the simplest changes in environment works. I am hoping this new behavior keeps going. Thank you, Stuart H. California 2019 Phone Consultation

    Stuart H.
  • Hi, She has not peed outside the litter box in two weeks! Even after traveling back and forth between Antigo and Sheboygan. Thank you, Kevin M. Sheboygan, Wisconsin 2019 Phone Consultation

    Kevin M.
  • Hi Mieshelle, Everything has been going so well! The cats have not been fighting as much, though still not outwardly playing. We tested Kodak with first the sponge being left in the sink and so far just a hand towel (we haven't wiped up anything super yummy smelling and left it on the counter yet). So far so good. Thank you, Ally M. Tacoma, Washington 2019 Phone Consultation

    Ally M.
  • Hi, Mischa is doing well. She has not had any accidents and (behavior plan removed). As Mieshelle recommended, we have (behavior plan removed). Thank you, Lisa L. Trabuco Canyon, California 2019 Video Consultation

    Lisa L.
  • Hi, No signs of spray/urine in 10 days! Been super busy and will share more later, but things are improving!! And we may have found a source of discontent!! There has indeed been a feral cat patrolling our property – found him 2x in our invitingly open garage (keeping it closed routinely now) as well as in a real comfy lounge chair perched on the roof of a treehouse I built (and which is in line of sight from the bedroom windows our cats look through from their cat trees (we bought a third!). Keeping (behavior plan removed). Have gotten the whole crew (behavior plan removed). General mood is happier!!!!! Thank you, Matthew C. Pawcatuck. Rhode Island 2019 Phone Consultation

    Matthew C.
  • Mieshelle, They haven’t had an accident outside the box in two weeks. They very much enjoy the (behavior plan removed). Thank you, M. McMullen Chicago, Illinois 2019 Phone Consultation

    M. McMullen
  • Mieshelle, Cali is still peeing in the box and no other symptoms at all....????? Merci Beaucoup.... Diane E. New York, New York 2019 Phone Consultation

    Diane E.
  • Your Cat Can Be Part of the Family Again! - Mieshelle, Kaleb has been out of the basement nearly all day every day since our last talk. He has not urinated on anything so far. None of the cats (behavior advice removed). Thank you, Glenda H. Lebanon, Ohio 2019 Phone Consultation

    Glenda H.
  • There's been a 100% improvement with Willow! As soon as we (behavior plan removed), we haven't had any incidences whatsoever. And her mood is markedly improved. She's more playful and just seems happier. We're so pleased (and relieved) with Willow's progress! Thank you, Elizabeth O. East East Greenwich, Rhode Island 2019 Phone Consultation

    Elizabeth O.
  • Mieshelle, Ivy is using her boxes 100% of the time at this point. Thank you, Brooke J. St. Charles, Illinois 2019

    Brooke J.
  • Mieshelle, As of Sunday 10/13, since implementing (behavior plan removed), I have not had one incident of urination/defecation outside of a litter box. (Behavior plan removed). I have noticed that both cats seem to prefer the (behavior advice removed). Thank you, Alison T. 2019 Phone Consultation

    Alison T.
  • 100 % compliance with using the litter box for urination! Thank you, Karl K. 2019

    Karl K.
  • Mieshelle, Urination has been consistent in the litter box. Bean has not had any accidents elsewhere. She has been vomiting a bit more in the mornings - we believe potentially due to eating her dry food so quickly. Bean has continued to only use her litter box. She loves her food. Her aggression towards Walter has been consistent but the (behavior strategy) to mitigate the interaction. Thank you, Emily B. Somerville, Massachusetts 2019 Phone Consultation

    Emily B.
  • Mieshelle, Continued urination in the litter boxes! We have not found any urine outside of the box (I keep thinking I smell it in the kitchen but I can’t find it). Continued with the recommended (behavior advice removed). Thank you, Tessa R. Toronto, ON, Canada 2019

    Tessa R.
  • We enrolled in the Cat Urination program, and it worked! Our cat who was peeing in the floor multiple times a day stopped cold turkey after we followed Mieshelle's recommendations. Plus she gave us tips on how to help our cats get along better. Now we can enjoy our cats more and we're not embarrassed about the way our house smells. Well worth the price! Samantha M. Seattle, Washington 2019 Phone Consultation

    Samantha M.
  • Hi Mieshelle, I just wanted to let you know that Theo crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. I could tell he was suffering and I could not watch that happen. His diagnoses was only 3 weeks ago, it happened so fast. Thank you for the help that you gave with the urination issues. I am so thankful that you insisted that I get an ultrasound. Thank you for everything, Lynne - Williamsport, Pennsylvania

    Lynne G.
  • They did great with a friend watching them while we were out of town - used the boxes and no accidents! We (behavior plan removed) - and that went well with the boys - like you said one change per week. This week we will be adding the (behavior advice removed). I am HOPEFUL they won't revert to their old habits of urinating in the sinks / tub. Adding (behavior advice removed) also. I would like on our next call to discuss TIMELINE of when / if we could reintroduce the (behavior plan removed). Thank you, Missy M. Chicago, Illinois 2019 Phone Consultation

    Missy M.
  • To The Doctor and Staff, Apollo's behavior has remained consistently positive with regard to litter box use. No incidents of soiling outside of the box since last telecom (or even since we started the behavior plan). Thank you, Portage, Michigan 2019 Phone Consultation.

    Pamela S.
  • Mieshelle, Malone is doing so well! She doesn’t need to eat in the middle of the night now. She eats at 9 pm and then the next morning. She also stopped biting and has been sleeping in the bed and much more cuddly with my fiancé. In the past week she’s been obsessed with him, and she used to be more into me. Thank you, H. Schulman 2019 Califoria Phone Consultation

    H. Schulman
  • Mieshelle, Noel's urination has diminished and this week we have not seen new markings. We have been doing the (behavior plan removed) and (behavior advice removed). Noel's mood has been more playful and affectionate. Thank you, Maureen P. 2019 Springhill, Tennessee Phone Consultation

    Maureen P.