Adam F.

Hi, Bagheera has been doing great the past two weeks! No behavior incidents and we are really bonding. So far, I think my plan to improve our emotional bond has been going great. Bagheera keeps flopping around on her side and back, showing her belly when she sees me for the first time most days. She licks me happily several times a day, often lays out and purrs when I pet her, and occasionally slow-blinks. She has also been following us around the house less and spending more time alone. She’s always liked to follow us around and still does, but during the bad times, she watched us like a hawk. That is not at all the case now–she seems undisturbed when we move about the house and spends some time alone in her favorite places. Overall, we are super-happy with how she is doing. We were getting really worried a few weeks ago when she had a couple hissing incidents, but the past three weeks she has shown steady progress and started acting far more affectionate and comfortable. Thank you, Adam F. California 2019 Video Consultation