Kelly V. New Brunswick, CA

1/13/2012 URINE UPDATE WEEK 3 Mieshelle, You can probably guess by my lack of updates that Sia is continuing to do well. She is so much happier and not one accident since day 2 of (behavior advice removed) ~ 2 weeks? I have gradually (advice removed) I want it and had no problems with the change. I have found a great soft food and have it mixed about 60-40 food to water. I started doing that right from the first can so she just thinks that is just the way it is! Does that make me a bad fur Mom? I am still (behavior advice removed) and Sia still enjoys her food on the perch by the window although not too often. Sia’s turnaround could not have come at a better time as we just found out yesterday that my husband has prostate cancer. I hope it continues or I will be stressed to the max. I think she is in a good place. The pet store (behavior advice removed) I have customers for him. Thanks once more girls for making our home peaceful again. I almost forget what it was like to have puddles and landmines on the floor…..almost. Kelly Sent from my Samsung Captivate(tm) on Rogers