Kim W. \”Beatnik\” the cat Sandiego, CA

From: Kim Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 11:00 AM To: mieshelle Subject: check in (week1) for Beatnik hi Mieshelle- I (behavior advice removed) and mygod! he’s in the litter box all the time! i swear he’s eating/drinking just to have an excuse to use it more often. i’m currently using a medium size box i had bought when i first got him (i only used it for a couple weeks then) and have ordered a high sided corned litter box (his digging gets a little messy) his mood is calmer which is awesome! i have yet to re-introduce the dry-cleaned comforter (one step at a time and i wanted to start w the litter…) but will probably try the (behavior advice removed) and comforter combo this weekend. i have started giving him (behavior advice removed). thank you for all your suggestions! i love the (behavior advice removed)! -Kim July 15th, 2011 Hi Mieshelle! Beatnik is still enamored w the (behavior advice removed). I switched to a high cornered litter box to keep the litter in more. He was a little apprehensive the first day but he’s fine with it now. He has still exhibited some of his “pay attention to me!” behavior when I have company over, but as long as we play with him and his toys, he’s better. I have yet to put the new comforter back on the bed (I still have some anxiety over that) but have been practicing the (behavior advice removed). and I did the (behavior advice removed) for when I do put the comforter on. He’s been much more calm and relaxed which is huge! overall, thumb up! Thanks, Kim