Kimberly M. California

Don’t Try to Solve an Issue Without Expert Guidance!

Just wanted to give you an update – the kitties are doing wonderfully with the (behavior plan removed)!!!! We started individually with them in the bathroom by themselves on Wednesday and as of today (Saturday) we’re able to use it out and about. Since Friday when we started using it, the pouncing attacks by Kasey have virtually stopped!!!

Now, Kaya just growls a little when he gets too close for too long and she wants to go away. When she does this, he moves away quickly and stays away. The quality of their interactions has improved – we’ve been following the plan whenever they are close to each other and not fighting…(i.e laying near each other or standing next to each other). This morning they were next to each other and they both looked up at me like “where is the behavior plan?” We also caught them laying next to each other under our bed this morning!!

I’ve ordered another another kitty tree and the products you recommended. She’s been much more playful and seems to be returning to all of her old behaviors (coming to us to be pet, etc). she’ll even (advice removed) good behavior when Kasey is around!!

Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks!!! I’ll keep you posted as things continue to improve!!!!!