Roberta F. Cape May, New Jersey

1/2/2012 INTERCAT Aggression UPDATE WEEK 4 Happy New Year! Well, I may have jumped the gun. The doors are now open and the cats are together all of the time. No chasing, attacking, or aggressive behavior on anyone’s part! Cleo and Shadow are still a little nervous when Twink is close to them, which is understandable since they were pounced on for the first 5 months. There has been some nose touching and sniffing and they seem to want to all sleep close to each other, not on the same thing or touching. I am still doing the (behavior advice removed) since they are not yet transferring scents to each other. They may never be great friends, but they all seem accepting of each other in their world. What a great New Years present. Thanks for all your help.. Roberta