Why We Don’t Publish Behavior Advice

Why “Behavior Advice Removed”?

To understand why we excise behavior advice from our testimonials, you need to understand the complexity of cat behavior and the expertise required to solve it

People sometimes say, “I loved your testimonials; there’s nothing like them on the Internet. But why do you delete the behavior advice that your happy clients repeat in them?”

It’s a fair question. But the answer isn’t what you might think. We don’t delete the snippets of behavior advice because we worry that you could go off and use it and be successful (and thus not need us). Far from it: we remove the snippets because they are without exception (1) just a part of Mieshelle’s uniquely successful and utterly comprehensive C.A.T. Plan™ treatment program based on your cat’s feline evolutionary biology and (2) tailored to the particular cat of the client who’s writing in.  Most importantly, where animal welfare is concerned, ethically it’s our duty to make sure your cat is receiving the complete behavior care they deserve.

What all that means is that, at best, you would only waste your time, and your cat’s, trying to apply incomplete advice. At worst, you could actually make things worse than before.

If you want to get an idea of how complex your cat’s behavior is, how many the causes, and how nuanced and expert the advice must be, read more about Mieshelle’s science-based methods, the three-part C.A.T. Plan that is explained most fully in her book, The Cat Whisperer (Random House Publishing)— or to clients just like you who request a consultation with her.

The feline behavior science book The Cat Whisperer is available everywhere and on Amazon!

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