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Problem Solved: The Rooms Get a Permanent Break

Well, everything is going ok - no more accidents in any of the rooms. Hope you have a great weekend!

Kerry and the Cats, Miami, Florida 2006

One of the Many Secrets You'll Need to Know -- How to Conduct a Proper Prey Sequence

Well, so far we have (advice removed). He seems much happier just in the last few days now that we have been (advice removed)....

T. Joy, Durham, NC 2005

In Which Furniture Regains Its Intended Function

I got back from my...

J. Chamberlin Clyde, CA 2008

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Harvard-trained, Certified C.A.T. Counselor and Random House Published Author, Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

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Mieshelle Nagelschneider, The Cat Whisperer®, has a passion for behavior science and pushing the boundary of the cat behavior specialty has enabled her to offer cutting edge advice that goes beyond the obvious facts to help solve your cat’s behavior issue(s). With her most recent study of animal behavior at Harvard University, 20 years of behavior consulting, lecturer, and cat behavior author (The Cat Whisperer — Random House Publishing and featured in The New York Times), Nagelschneider can offer intelligent solutions solving your cat’s behavior issues.


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“Love is born of mystery, and our cats are mysterious and loved in equal measure. But sometimes the greatest blessing of all is a bit of light thrown into a dark place. Mieshelle Nagelschneider holds that light. Allow her to share it with you.” – Gwen Cooper, Author, Homer’s Odyssey


 The Today Show


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Click: Mieshelle Nagelschneider, Cat Behaviorist, on THE TODAY SHOW 2013



Cat behaviorist Hallmark-Channel-Home-and-Family-Show-The-Cat-Whisperer-1-2017-150x150 MediaCat behaviorist Brad-Krohn-and-Mieshelle-Nagelschneider-The-Cat-Whisperer-150x150 Media

The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family 2017 with co-host Susan Lucci

 National Geographic

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Watch Mieshelle The Cat Whisperer® Cat Behaviorist in Nat Geo Wild’s,  “The Wild Side of Cats”



Cat behaviorist images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTvZW4bp9XmbyAOk6vk-DvmuPVaigh1WgaYASRBUfb__FEcj0UB MediaThe Cat Whisperer® Behaviorist – Fantasy Factory “Finding Your Inner Lion” with Rob Dyrdek


NBC Dateline Special

“The Secret Lives of Cats” With Hoda from The Today Show — 2014

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The New York Times

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Far from frivolous, such meditations lie at the heart of the scientific quest. In her optimistically titled book, “The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do — and How to Get Them to Do What You Want”, Mieshelle Nagelschneider explains that cat owners’ D.I.Y. inquiry follows the time-honored research practice of “speculative tracking.” Her findings may come in handy for Mr. Trachtenberg. And if Ms. Paul and Ms. MacNaughton had been able to read Ms. Nagelschneider’s chapters on “The Compulsive Cat,” and “Mind-Throwing: Inside the Being of the Cat,” Tibby might not have strayed in the first place.

Modern Cat Magazine

Cat behaviorist The-Cat-Whisperer-Modern-Cat-Mieshelle-Nagelschneider-Pink-Leo-Lam-Credit MediaModern Cat Magazine. The Cat Whisperer® 2015. 2016, 2017


Mieshelle and Hillary Rodham Clinton 2015

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Keynote Speaker Toronto, Canada HUMANE SOCIETY and SPCA Education Convention 2013

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Arm & Hammer Spokesperson 2014-2015

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Whiskas “Black Cat” International Cat Expert Australian Tour 2010

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 Australia’s Morning Show The Circle:


911 Cat Situation in Portland, Oregon

More video reels:
Just a few publications:

Cat behaviorist salonlogo_p Media, Kirsten Weir, “The Cat Whisperer®

Will she be the next TV star animal trainer? She certainly had the right diagnosis for my cat Thompson, a biter.”

USA Today, Sharon L. Peters, “Pet Talk: Cats can have finicky friendships, too. Just ask Gus”

“It’s fairly common for cats that get along well to develop this kind of issue,” [Nagelschneider] says. Often it occurs after one cat inadvertently startles another; sometimes one cat sees an unfamiliar animal in the yard and that triggers a cascade of events that prompts avoidance or outright hostility. Also, if one cat smells different because of a vet visit or bath, or one is sick, that can provoke similar reactions.

In my cats’ case, I probably rushed their initial introduction. And early in their acquaintance, the rough-playing Grisabella went too far with Gus. She’s a leaper and a snatcher who doesn’t back off a chase until someone is panting or dead. Gus is much more relaxed.

“When energy levels or play styles dramatically differ, you can have one cat wreaking havoc on another cat’s life,” Nagelschneider says. There’s also a chance Gus was wrenched from his litter too young and didn’t learn vital communication skills and how to set social boundaries.

Cat behaviorist globe-and-mail Media

The Globe and Mail, Rebecca Dube, “Psycho kitty, qu’est-ce que c’est? ”

“But frustrated owners looking to lay blame should take a long, hard look in the mirror, says cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider of Seattle. ‘The majority of feline behavior issues are not true “behavior problems,”‘ says the author of Through the Eyes of a Cat, due out in 2011. ‘They’re part of a cat’s natural behavior repertoire. It’s the owners who have issues with how their cat is naturally reacting to the environment the owner has set up.'”

See also, “Q&A Secrets from a decade of cat whispering” for a larger excerpt of The Globe and Mail‘s interview with Mieshelle.

Cat behaviorist this-wild-life Media

This Wild Life,Carol Frischmann, “Toilet Train Your Cat”

“Mieshelle, a veterinary referred feline behaviorist who does consultations all across the U.S., is my gold standard for ‘would this really work.'”

Cat behaviorist logo.the-divine-cat Media

The Divine Cat,Darcy Lockman, “Litter Box Solutions for Every Cat”

“Feline behavioral consultant Mieshelle Nagelschneider says 70 percent of cats prefer uncovered boxes. ‘Covered boxes tend to trap odors and keep the litter moist longer, and both of these are a big deterrent for cats,’ she explains. ‘Escape potential is also important to them, especially once they reach social maturity, and a covered box doesn’t allow for an easy out.'”

Cat behaviorist real_simple_logo Media

Real Simple Magazine,Kristin Appenbrink, “Where Should I Put a Cat-Litter Box?

“Cats are in a vulnerable position when using a litter box, says Mieshelle Nagelschneider of the Cat Behavior Clinic, in Seattle. Because cats don’t have the privacy of a bathroom, they need to know they can get away from threats in a hurry, so be sure there is a clear escape route.”

Amanda Armstrong, “How to Choose a Pet

“’A kitten from a breeder won’t necessarily be any more or less introverted or extroverted than a kitten from a shelter,’ says Mieshelle Nagelschneider, a feline behaviorist and a consultant at”

Cat behaviorist the-daily-cat Media

The Daily Cat, Cricky Long, “Cures for Kitty Crimes”

“According to feline behavioral consultant Mieshelle Nagelschneider, ‘Cats will repeat behaviors that give them a reward, but they will stay away from behaviors that give them a negative experience.’ This means you can change your cat’s behavior by providing appealing alternatives, while simultaneously laying down deterrents to prevent your cat from exhibiting undesirable behaviors.”

Cat behaviorist Paw-Nation Media

PawNation, Kristen Taylor, “Cat Behaviorist”

Are all your cats well behaved?

Cat behaviorist CCLogo Media, Patricia L. Fry, “A Good Teacher: Let the family cat help your kids learn about responsibility”

“Feline behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider . . . [an] associate of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants . . . says, ‘A parent must make the commitment, prior to a purchase, to care for the cat in case the child does not end up fulfilling his or her responsibilities.’ Nagelschneider adds, ‘Parents should be aware of their child’s responsibility level before purchasing a live animal.’”  Cat Behaviorist contributor and Cat Whisperer Consulting advice

Animal Rescue Site:  Mieshelle is their resident cat behaviorist

Pets Magazine. Mieshelle’s print-only cat behavior column.

Cat Fancy. A print-only publication. Featured quotes on cats and litter boxes:

“Cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider of The Cat Behavior Clinic in Seattle, agrees. ‘Everyone is environmentally conscious right now,’ she says. ‘They want a litter that’s going to break down in a landfill, [is] safe for their cats and not very expensive.’ She cautions, however, that the best of intentions might not do anyone any good if litter and waste aren’t disposed of properly. ‘Certainly if you put it in a plastic bag it’s not going to break down in a landfill, so most of my clients put their litter in a paper bag so it breaks down.'”

“’They have their ancestry to thank for that,’ Nagelschneider says. ‘The wild cats in Africa that they’re related to dug in sand.'”

“’The key in what we’re finding is that cats like litterboxes that don’t smell like anything, not even urine or stool,’ Nagelschneider says.”

“Because covered boxes do such a great job containing offensive odors, owners need to keep up their scooping, otherwise it might create what Nagelschneider calls a ‘porta-potty effect.'”