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Schedule with Cat Behaviorist and New York Times Acclaimed Feline Behavior Science Author, Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

33 Years in Practice the Clinic Specializes in the Scientific Research and Management of All Cat Behavior Issues

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Feline Cognitive Rescue Program™ – Expertise for Complex and Severe Cat Behavior Issues

Developed by the clinic, our Feline Cognitive Rescue Program, has been helping cats with complex and severe behavior issues achieve long lasting results. In practice 33 years, our team of cat behaviorists and licensed veterinarians ensure that your cat receives expert and comprehensive care beyond conventional cat behavior advice.

Oxford-trained, Award-winning Cat Behaviorist, Mieshelle Nagelschneider and the Veterinary Team. Our practice is the First Cats Exclusively Behavior Practice in the United States and a Founder of the “Cat Behaviorist” Specialty.

Comprehensive Expertise for Complex Cases

In practice 33 years, our team of cat behaviorists and licensed veterinarians ensure that your cat receives expert and comprehensive holistic care beyond the scope of conventional cat trainers or counselors. With specialized knowledge and clinical expertise our clinic brings both medical insight and behavioral understanding allowing us to tailor our services to address the specific behavioral needs of your cat. With an-depth scientific analysis of your cat’s behavior and an understanding of its evolutionary biology ensures your cat receives excellent behavior care. It’s enabled us to help thousands of cat owners over two decades and in over 30 countries, solve their cat’s behavior issues and improve the human-animal bond keeping cats in homes. View 350 solved case study reviews and client testimonials. 

1 Billion Viewers – The Most Watched Cat Behavior Science Show in the World

Founder of the clinic, Mieshelle is also the new host of two-time Academy Award-winning Cat Behavior Science Show, My Cat From Hell, now the most watched cat behavior show with over 1 BILLION viewers worldwide, and recipient of the Golden Purr Award, and Myfoodie Award for her contribution to cat behavior, animal welfare, and cat nutrition.

Mieshelle studied animal behavior at Oxford University, Harvard University, and the University of Edinburgh – Royal School of Veterinary Studies. You can learn more about her other animal studies including her study at Harvard University (here).

Author of Cat Behavior Science Textbook Certifying Other Cat Behavior “Experts” You See Today

Mieshelle wrote the first scholarly cited cat behavior science book for cat owners that is also required textbook curriculum for certification for other cat behavior counselors you see today. As a cat behavior science author she is also the cat expert for many of National Geographic’s published works on the 37 species of wildcats, tigers, and every breed of the domestic house cat and is a notable expert of wildcat hybrids. Her New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science book is published in 4 languages by Random House Publishing.

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Cat Nutrition Scientific Research Expert for the Largest Cat Food Company in the World

Mieshelle is also the cat behaviorist, animal welfarist, and award-winning scientific cat nutrition research and development expert for the largest cat food company and manufacturer in the world. Our clinic approach includes proper diet as a cornerstone for a cat to thrive behaviorally preventing behavior issues.

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Host of 2-time Academy Award-winning Most Watched Cat Behavior Show – 1 Billion Viewers

Mieshelle is the new host for the television show, My Cat from Hell, on Discovery Plus China and it’s the most watched cat behavior show in the world with over 1 billion viewers. You can also watch Mieshelle on National Geographic’s Animals Doing Things with Howie Mandel as their cat expert and other cat behavior documentaries by Nat Geo Wild. 

Global Cat Behaviorist Educator and Welfarist

She is known for her global leadership in cat behavior education, animal welfare, and cat nutrition in the U.S., China, Canada, The Philippines, Australia, and many other countries. Her passion and curiosity about cats along with her formal study in animal behavior, continues to put her on the forefront of cat behavior knowledge crossing the conventional boundaries of the cat behavior specialty.

Dr. Jim Shultz DVM, who was also a featured author in Mieshelle’s cat behavior science book, performs in-home consultations locally only where he is licensed to practice and vet-to-vet remote consultations. Dr. Angela Krause also performs cat behavior appointment referrals from the clinic. Mieshelle performs consultations world-wide either remotely by phone or video or in-person (she’s conducted consultation in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and Costa Rica).

Why The Cat Behavior Clinic is Unique

The Cat Behavior Clinic is a unique organization devoted to both researching and solving cat behavior problems, and unlike many cat behavior services, we have both a licensed veterinarians and cat behaviorists. Many cats we work with have both medical and behavioral issues at play.  The clinic opened in 1999 (prior to that is was Help Your Cat Behavior Consulting in 1990) and now serves satisfied clients all over the world conducting phone or Zoom video behavior consultations. The Cat Behavior Clinic is a nationally known veterinarian-referred cat behavior counselor practice.  Please visit our Cat Behaviorist homepage.

Mieshelle is a member of The Feline Practitioners of America, Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, Cat Behavior Counselors (Certified), and past associate certified cat counselor of the International Association of Animal Behavior Counselors (2007).  She has dedicated 36 years to consulting with cat owners around the world to solve their cats’ behavior problems. The clinic performs behavior data studies and has provided science-based Cat Whisperer™ behavioral consulting services to thousands of cats worldwide.

The C.A.T Behavior Plan

The Cat Behavior Clinic has exclusive rights to Mieshelle’s proprietary C.A.T. Plan™ Cat Behavior Wellness Program, the most effective, comprehensive, and up-to-date cat behavior wellness program for curing the most common cat behavior problems. Mieshelle has spent 36 years developing a method so effective that clients who follows it are typically seeing a success rate of more than 90%.  Success rates are even higher for issues that have not been chronic and habituated over years.

Through word-of-mouth and satisfied clients as well as our work with wild cat sanctuaries, national and international humane societies/SPCA’s, veterinary practices, and national and international shelters (including Best Friend’s Animal Society), The Cat Behavior Clinic has become renowned in the field and especially at solving the so-called “unfixable” cat behavior issue.  See our  Media Room for national and international media recognition.

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Many people will tell you that it’s impossible to train or otherwise change the behavior of a cat.  But over the last two decades the clinic has successfully applied a method consisting of compassionate awareness (specifically, your cat being a descendant of the African wildcat) and a three-part behavior modification cat behavior wellness program to help resolve the unwanted behaviors of thousands of cats, and we’re here to show cat lovers that cats’ behavior can be reliably and consistently changed for the better.  And we’ll show you exactly how using the uniquely effective three-stage method of solving every one of the seven major cat behavior problems.

Achieving the impossible

We deal with the most extreme behavior issues in cats, as well as everyday problems like aggression, spraying, and litter box issues—problems that cause millions of cats to be surrendered to shelters every year.  In the U.S. there are 88 million households that include one or more cats and virtually every one of those cat owners has at some point dealt with feline behavior that drove them nuts.  And the truth is, almost every cat behavior problem is solvable.  If a cat is placed in an environment that falls in line with his natural cat instincts and is conducive to his happiness, everything will fall into place (yes, even the way you desire).  Otherwise, his unwanted behaviors (which are instinctual) will surface.  It all depends on the surrounding circumstances for each cat.

Our Philosophy

Cats are not like dogs. They are also not like humans. All cat behavior consulting has to start with this awareness. That’s because nearly all failed efforts to modify cats’ behavior assume that cat psychology is like dog psychology (or worse, like human psychology). These efforts are doomed to fail because they are based on ignorance of the uniqueness of individual cats and instinctual colony behavior dynamics.