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Aggressive Cat Behavior is Solvable: Stop feeding your cats near each other and other antiquated advice

Feline Cognition Rescue Program: scientific researched expertise for difficult cat integration and human-focused aggression cases

Aggressive cat behavior is among the most challenging to owners. “I have a very very very angry cat,” some clients tell us. “I have a mean cat that is trying to spite me” say others, or “a cat that gets mad for no reason.” But whether you have a scratching cat or a biting cat, an “attack cat” or your cat attacks a baby, we can help. The first key is to determine what kind of aggression your cat is displaying. Almost all types of feline aggression are normal, and all can be modified non-aversively, with the right expertise. If your cat is attacking you or other humans, or you want to learn how to prevent misplaced aggression (the most common form of aggression), read on. (is your cat fighting other cats?)

Solving Cat Aggression Issues Scientifically:

To achieve behavior results that are lasting, it’s necessary to work with an experienced and certified cat behaviorist (this is very different than a trainer), but most importantly, one with formal study on the wild felid and in animal psychology that can effectively apply the sciences of genetics, animal psychology, biology, physiology, learning and memory to effectively eliminate your cat’s aggression issue. 

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Mieshelle’s Cat Behavior Science Book is Required Textbook Curriculum to Certify Cat Counselors You See Today and Help Them Understand Aggressive Behavior in Cats.

Award-winning Cat Behaviorist and New York Times Acclaimed International Feline Behavior Science Author, Mieshelle Nagelschneider studied animal behavior at Oxford University, and The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh. Her Harvard studies have also enabled her to help cat owners understand their cat’s behavior from a scientific point of view instead of an anthropomorphic one.

The Clinic Goes Beyond the Obvious Behavior Strategies and Facts During the Aggression Behavior Consultation Program.  Mieshelle has lectured at the international level at education conventions for veterinarians, the Humane Society/SPCA on this very common, yet very complex, behavior issue.

Understanding Wild Felids and Cat Aggression: A Very Solvable Issue in the Domestic Cat

Read our clients’ 350 Solved Feline Behavior Case Studies and Client Testimonials and see why the Clinic is a smart choice for solving an aggression behavior issue now.  The first cats exclusively behavior practice in the United States, The Cat Behavior Clinic is also the home of The Nagelschneider Method™, based on wild felid instinctual behavior and a way of reintroducing cats who’ve gotten off on the wrong foot (or cats that will only tolerate each other), but this is just one part of a much more involved feline aggression behavior plan. The strategy was pioneered by Clinic Founder and Oxford-trained cat behaviorist, Mieshelle Nagelschneider.  This breakthrough method of getting unfriendly cats to curl up next to one another again has been life changing for thousands of cats.  Please visit our homepage and learn more about our cat behaviorist and her work with National Geographic published works and television documentaries on the 37 species of wildcats.

Learn How to Solve Feline Aggression in several of Mieshelle’s books and National Geographic documentaries and published works.

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Mieshelle Nagelschneider – The Cat Behavior Clinic for Parent Magazine Live Show Media Tour Canada for Arm & Hammer Litter discussing kitten aggression and how to prevent it from moving into adulthood.

To Solve a Cat’s Aggression Issue You Must Learn:

  • How to prevent aggression through informed selection, socialization, and training of new kittens
  • Why punishment and reprimands don’t work, could make aggression worse or cause new behavior issues, and will ruin the bond between yourself and your cat.
  • How to apply non-aversive and positive behavior modification methods to eliminate or manage aggressive behaviors
  • That addressing the reason for the aggression is more critical than addressing the aggressive behavior itself because aggression is the by-product response of an instigating factor (either external or internal) triggering the aggression.
  • Why clicker training generally is not effective for stimuli triggered aggression or types of aggression
  • How to rule out possible medical causes (which can mean working with your vet) — and cure the behavioral issue even after the medical cause has been treated
  • How to identify which form of aggression your cat is exhibiting: play, predatory, maternal, or petting-induced; or territorial, sexual, or pain-induced; or the little-understood but very common redirected aggression
  • How to stop reinforcing or even causing/triggering aggressive behavior in your cat
  • Why certain feline pheromone products are not effective (and how to use them effectively).

Read just some of our 350 solved case studies and client testimonials on solving feline aggression issues. Aggression is one of the most challenging behavior issues. You need experienced, professional help. Schedule a Feline Behavior Wellness Program Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

All cat behavior solutions must take into consideration feline instincts and their evolutionary biology. The clinic has exclusive rights to Mieshelle Nagelschneider’s proprietary Cat Whisperer™ consulting, easy-to-implement C.A.T. Plan™ positive behavior modification, the most effective, comprehensive, and up-to-date system for curing any cat behavior problem.

Because every cat and environment is different, the plan allows for customized behavior techniques and environmental changes when needed – because cat behavior is not one-size-fits-all. Mieshelle has spent 20 years developing a method so effective that when clients follow it, their success rate is well over 90% (even higher for the most common issues).

Her science-based cat behavior book, The Cat Whisperer, has been featured in the New York Times and a best-seller on Amazon and published in 4 languages (Random House Publishing with co-writer Cameron Powell).

For cat behaviorists seeking certification, her book is a required curriculum by a number of cat behaviorist certifying organizations.

Love is born of mystery, and our cats are mysterious and loved in equal measure. But sometimes the greatest blessing of all is a bit of light thrown into a dark place. Mieshelle Nagelschneider holds that light. Allow her to share it with you.”– Gwen Cooper Author, Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, of Life With a Blind Wonder Cat (Random House), New York, NY

Veterinarian: “Over the course of many years, Mieshelle has developed and refined her unique ability to think like a cat. On numerous occasions I have witnessed the life-changing benefits Mieshelle’s techniques can bring to cats and their sometimes very frustrated owners.” – Veterinarian, Dr. James R. Shultz DVM, Portland, Oregon

Cat Behavior Veterinarian Referral from Dr. Lisa Berger DVM: “Despite all the disruptions, there have been no incidents of urination on the bed or the couch, and neither have been covered by plastic all week!” – Juanita H. Portland, Oregon

You have the African wildcat, your domestic cat’s ancestor, to thank for many of your cat’s “unwanted” cat behaviors. Learn more about this during your consultation to better understand and help your cat and solve its behavior issues. We often misunderstand cat behaviors. Once cat owners understand their cat instincts and biology, they can better understand why the behavior strategies work so well and can better apply them.

Mieshelle The Cat Whisperer™ has been the spokesperson and cat behavior expert for Comfort Zone, Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, and Cat Expert for Whiska’s International Media Tour Australia. Her cat behavior expertise is seen in the New York Times, The Today Show, NBC Dateline, MTV, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, The Hallmark Channel, Modern Cat Magazine, Parade, Reader’s Digest, Cat Fancy Magazine, The New York Post, The Boston Globe, USA Today, This Wild Life, The Divine Cat, Real Simple Magazine,, Petside, Freekibblekat, The Toronto Star, Canada Globe and Mail, Animal Rescue Site, The Daily Cat, Feline Wellness Magazine, Advisory Council, This Wild Life, The Cat Channel, Pets Magazine, The Circle, New Republic, The Sunrise Show,, Herald Sun, Toronto Star, and countless others. See our Media Room below for the latest.

Feline behavior therapy is very different from canine behavior therapy and the approach to changing a cat’s behavior is even more unique. Cats do not display obedience problems like dogs. The help you need is not focused on physical or verbal behavior modification strategies, like dog training with a dog trainer present. All cat behaviorists conduct consultations by phone or video via Skype. Our behavior plans are specific to cats and still allow for the natural feline instincts, but when and where you want them displayed. We will cover the behavior plan during the phone or video consultation and offer follow-up over the course of several weeks for all of our consultation programs.

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