33 Years of Solving Cat Behavior Issues

Harvard and Oxford-trained Clinic Team 33 Years in Practice Solving Cat Behavior Issues for Thousands of Cats in Over 30 Countries.

The Clinic Has Solved Thousands of Cat Behavior Issues in Over 30 Countries by Scientifically Observing and Analyzing Their Behavior From a Behavioral Cognitive, Ethological, and Feline Evolutionary Point of View.

Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider on The Hallmark Channel's Home & Family

OXFORD University, Harvard University, and The Royal School of Veterinary Studies at The University of Edinburgh was Certified Cat Behaviorist™ and cat science author Mieshelle Nagelschneider’s formal study of animal behavior. Mieshelle’s cat behavior science book published in 4 languages is text book curriculum to certify other cat behaviorists around the world. You can learn more about her additional animal behavior studies including Harvard University on our Animal Behavior Study Page. Founder of the “cat behaviorist” profession for over three decades, she is world-renowned for her global leadership in cat behavior education and crossing the conventional boundaries of the cat behavior specialty.
Mieshelle is the host of the most watched cat behavior show in the world, My Cat From Hell, (international version 2021) with over 125 million viewers internationally. As the founder of The Cat Behavior Clinic, she and the veterinary team have been analyzing cat behavior and solving their issues in over 30 countries. Mieshelle is the founder of the first cat-only behavior clinic practice in the United States. Her applied scientific analysis of the behavior and evolutionary biology of the cat has enabled her to help thousands of cat owners over three decades, solve their cat’s behavior issues. Our veterinary team is also an integral part of helping cat owners and offer vet-to-vet consulting and local in-home consults.

The Clinic Has Corrected Thousands of Urination, Aggression, Defecation, and Vocalization Cat Behavior Issues Around the World


We are the only practice that specializes in feline urine behavior issues. Over two decades we have conducted several thousand urination behavior consultations in Over 30 Countries.


The only practice specializing in feline defecation behavior issues. This is not a “perplexing” issue for our doctor and cat behaviorist team.


Trouble integrating new cats (dogs?) or aggression with cats that were once friends? Aggression onto humans?


Our Clients Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Excessive vocalization or activity during the day or nighttime, and compulsive behaviors; other so-called “bad cat behavior” are routinely solved with our team.