Progress Report Update
The Cat Behavior Clinic

Feline Progress Report Update Form

Please complete this form to update us weekly on the progress of your cat(s) and to prepare for your next appointment. Mieshelle is unable to email clients behavior advice and conducts phone calls (or video calls when necessary) for your follow-ups to answer any questions or add strategies.

Example: My cat’s vocalization has decreased by 25% or my cat is defecating 50% more in the litter box.
Since your initial consultation the frequency of the unwanted behavior has(Required)
Scheduling and rescheduling. If your next call has already been scheduled, please mark "I do not need a follow-up at this time".(Required)
PLEASE NOTE: AT LEAST ONE UPDATE FORM NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE EVERY FOLLOW-UP CALL. There is no additional fee for follow-up calls that you initially paid for as long as you are within your 4 or 8 program time (after that the fee is $125.00 for a follow-up call and must be for the original behavior issue).