Beth & Jim, Colorado

We’re Not Shocked, But We Are Gratified

Well, we seem to be having some progress. We’ve graduated to the (advice removed). Sweet Pea isn’t the most cooperative cat, so we have to kind of wait for her to come into the living room. She doesn’t like to be held or carried so it’s a matter of taking advantage of whenever she shows up. Anyway, Ollie is very cooperative so she’s ready at a moment’s notice. We’ve had 4 or 5 sessions. There’s been no hissing or growling. Sweet Pea is very interested in watching Ollie. She has (advice removed), but not aggressively. Ollie, at first, would immediately retreat into the bedroom whenever she realized that SP was watching.

However, she didn’t go under the bed or get freaked out. She merely removed herself from SP’s line of vision. Tonight she stayed at the barrier and looked right at SP without running. No one hissed or growled or misbehaved!

We have been religiously (advice removed) each day and the (advice removed) is working it’s [sic] magic. Ollie is (advice removed). Most of the time she’ll come when called. SP is another story. It’s all about her!

I just wanted to let you know how we’re doing. It’s working. I’m sure you’re shocked…

Thanks for your help. We’re determined to be successful.