Catherine Y. Ventura, CA

Wed 11/2/2011 7:55 PM Hi, I’m also sending our first weekly update with Odessa’s progress. So far so good! No messes. We (behavior advice removed) and (behavior advice removed) and (behavior advice removed). The (behavior advice removed) in the room where Odessa was peeing inappropriately. Odessa (behavior advice removed) her afterwards. We kept her under close watch the first few days. She acted weird the first two nights so we (behavior advice removed) and she was quite happy. There have been a few other instances where she has (behavior advice removed) few hours in the day. She’s been enjoying going outside as well. It took some adjustment but the cats seem to be happy sharing the space again. We are (behavior advice removed) but so far so good. Thanks again for your support, you were our “stitch in time”! Catherine Y.