Celeste P. Kirkland, Washington

12/14/2011 ONE WEEK into the YOWLING behavior Plan Dear Mieshelle, I have been implementing the plan for Cairo and following are her responses: 1) currently I (behavior advice removed). I am (behavior advice removed) as well. If I conduct (behavior advice removed). About 9:00 she goes to bed and I (behavior advice removed). I am happy to say she is pretty much sleeping through the night now. If she wakes up at all, it is usually around 6:00 a.m. when I normally get up during the week to let her out of her sleeping room. If she doesn’t hear me after she meows she has been going back to sleep until I come in to get her. HURRAY! 2) currently I have been using a (behavior advice removed). 3) I have been (advice removed). 4) I have tried the (advice removed). 5) When I arrive home she does (advice removed). Let me know if I should change anything at this point. I will begin to add in some more of the (behavior advice removed). Thank you for all your help, Celeste P.