Crystal S. Hempstead, NY

From: crys Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 10:46 AM Hi Mieshelle, All in all, a good week! Here’s how our week went: Jen Spraying: No incidents to report. Still keeping (behavior advice removed). Jen Pooping outside of the litter box: No incidents to report.! Have been (behavior advice removed) by the pans, and Jen has been using these pans in the basement very nicely all week. Separation: Still (behavior advice removed). S.F.: Continuing the (Behavior advice removed). S.E: (Behavior advice removed) P.P: (Behavior advice removed) Please note: Jen has never “played” with anything. However, there are many little catnip cat toys throughout the house, and he has always carried them off into the basement. They “disappear” and end up in the basement! Then, I’ll bring them back upstairs, and he will start to bring them down again. It’s like a little game we play. He hoards the little toys and brings them into a place of his choosing! F.S. (Behavior advice removed). Brief Encounters: I have been carrying Percy over and “showing him” to Jen, and then taking him away right away. I also open the pocket door frequently, just for a few seconds, to let them see each other. Jen is coming to the pocket door more frequently, and seems more confident, even with Percy in view. Yesterday morning (Tuesday, 5/10) they were on the table together with the wheat grass, and Jen was purring loudly! They were together a couple of minutes before I (behavior advice removed). This morning, Percy was going downstairs before I could carry him down, and Jen was heading for the kitchen where I do his morning grooming, etc. and Percy rushed him before I could intervene. I immediately brought him to the other side of the pocket door. Please note, however, that Jen did not seem afraid. He merely sat down where he was while I was carrying Percy out of the room. Jen: He is purring frequently, something he rarely did. He is really blossoming. He is also becoming more affectionate, comes running to me when I open the pocket door, and is talking to me more frequently. I still don’t know what he’s saying, but we’ll get there, I’m sure. He is still skittish, but much less than he was. I’m very pleased with the progress thus far. Percy: (Behavior advice removed). End of Status Report #2 Crystal S.