Cyndi S. Norfolk, Virginia

10/22/2011 Mieshelle, Thank you for your information and for our time together – I learned a lot! After our call, I went (behavior advice removed) showed it to Miss Loo…and she has used it. Then, yesterday afternoon, I cleaned up the litter box upstairs and took it away. (Behavior advice removed). This morning, she went up there and Tang and I heard some thumping. I was a little anxious – could the thumping be her ‘covering’ pee on the carpet? No pee – I think she ended up (behavior advice removed)- it had moved – and that was the thumping. So – we’re all set. Thus far, no peeing upstairs, we are having more (behavior advice removed). All pretty good, I think! I also (behavior advice removed). We’ll see what happens – I am very interested as to whether or not I’ll see a difference. I will hope to, esp for Tang. Thank you again for all your great help with my great kitties. I was so anxious and now feel much better! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Cyndi S.