Elena A. Lincoln, California

DECEMBER 16th 2011 Update: SPRAYING & AGGRESSION Subjects: Ollie and Opus 1 2 Toygers (Bengals) DAY 1: 5 DECEMBER 2011 I (behavior advice removed). No fighting tonight. DAY 2: 6 DECEMBER Food (Behavior advice removed) Peaceful evening with both boys coming for petting. DAY 3: 7 DECEMBER No fighting today. (behavior advice removed). Marking near office chair. DAY 4: 8 DECEMBER No fighting. It is definitely more peaceful. (behavior advice removed). DAY 7: 11 DECEMBER The boys now have (behavior advice removed). No marking. No fighting. DAY 8: 12 DECEMBER The (behavior advice removed). Opie is not sleeping in the office now and Ollie sleeps on the bed or cat tree. We’re holding our collective breath because this is just too good to be true this soon. DAY 11: 13 DECEMBER Sleeping in/on the new cat tree with some rivalry over who gets which space. They are much more interactive with us. The yowling has ceased! OMG. Could this be a new chapter in the lives of the Toygers?