Elena and Sandi. Lincoln, California

1/5/2012 Spraying/aggression update 2 Bengals Mieshelle, The boys have been remarkably happy since the first week with no major fights, more human interaction, and no spraying or yowling. It has been peaceful and we’re delighted. You were totally correct about feral cats. I did see one – the boys did too- mid-afternoon this week. He went in between the (behavior advice removed). Since the house has a casita and partially enclosed courtyard, we will (advice removed) the mid-section of the backyard. The cat looked identical to our old boy who died last year. The boys saw him and ran to the dining room doors where he was last seen. The next morning Oliver pooped in the bedroom where the x-shaped scratcher had been. We have not seen anything else since then and both of them know (advice removed) in the evenings and sit and wait for their (advice removed) and game. Opie is sleeping on top of the office shelves and Oliver is doing well also. We need to know what else we need to do and if there is anything special we should do prior to going on vacation next month. We have a cat sitter who comes twice a day and knows. Sandi