Elizabeth M. Brooklyn, NY

Hi Mieshelle, We are so pleased and can’t thank you enough. Our kitties are all using the litter boxes and after going through 2 other cat behaviorists (one of which quit returning my emails), my only regret is that we didn’t consult with you right from the beginning. I feel like the litter box issues was important to solve, but I really am thankful we consulted with you because I didn’t realize it was possible to improve my cats’ general happiness just by changing the environment. I was really making huge mistake everywhere and you have been the only one so far who knew any of this. Pointing out the possible health issue with our one cat Jimmy was spot on and if we hadn’t talked with you, his health would be much worse right now. I really feel this is also one of the reasons the cats weren’t getting along, which like you said, could have also contributed to the litter box mayhem. The tips about diet were also very helpful. No wonder our cats were getting fat and not still not feeling satisfied. I really had no idea! I have to say that my husband and I have had cats all our lives and considered ourselves well-versed in “the cat”, but we clearly didn’t know it all like we thought. Not even close. So thank you again for the life changing results for my fur babies. Kind Regards, Elizabeth