Elizabeth M.

Cat Aggression Outcome: Leeloo and Basie are getting along extremely well. A big improvement occurred after (behavior advice removed). They are relaxed around each other during the day and at night. I know that cats are supposed to be more active at night but I’ve never noticed ours to be that way. They spend most of the evenings and night with us, sleeping, or venturing out to the food bowl. They’ve been together for the last 3 nights with no ill effects. Actually, they seem happier not having to sleep on a separate floor, though I know that was necessary. We had a few friends over last Friday for dinner. The cats were super friendly with everyone, even Basie, who tends to wait awhile before meeting new people. They hung out the whole time and very much enjoyed the attention. There has been no fighting, not even batting at each other in irritation, since the last phone call. They are using all of the (behavior plan removed) and (behavior plan removed). Thank you, Elizabeth M. Seattle, Washington