Emma B. Toronto, Ontario Canada

12/6/2011 3 week progress report Hi Mieshelle (and Cat Behavior Clinic!) This 3rd week update is a little late, as we are actually coming up on almost four weeks now. Bourdain continues to be using his litter box 100% – which is pretty excellent for us! It’s kind of a milestone for us. It was not uncommon for a couple weeks to go by without any incidents, but three weeks is very unusual. We’ve had other good signs… we accidentally left the couch cushions down this past week and he slept on them instead of peeing on them. A towel fell off the rack onto the bathroom floor and it was still safe in the morning – normally if a bathmat or towel is on the ground, he would urinate on it. I have been sick with a really bad cold for the last week, so I admit the (behavior advice removed) because I was occupying the couch most of the time. However my boyfriend Kevin did make Bourdain his (behavior advice removed). Bourdain loves it! We don’t even need to (advice removed). It’s has (advice removed) that he has urinated on in the past, so hopefully it is serving its intended purpose. We had the results of Bourdain’s urine culture – free and clear! No bacteria of any kind. The vet said he does not currently have urine crystals or an inflamed bladder lining. It’s good to know he is healthy, but we also know he has had crystals in the past and could get them again. I am looking forward to the four week mark – one month really will be a big deal for us. Thanks so much 🙂 Emma