Erin M. and Shadow Seattle, WA

September 2011 (2 weeks into the behavior plan) Update on Shadow using the cat door. I’ve been busy at work and the weather has started getting bad, so I haven’t been outside on the patio much lately. I think we have finally achieved success!! It has been cold, windy, and rainy the past couple of days, so I really don’t want the flap propped open. Two nights ago, he was sitting next to the regular cat door flap, acting like he wanted to go out. I went over and pushed it open for him but he didn’t go out. A while later, the same thing happened, I pushed it open for him, only this time, he went out. I went out and checked and he had urinated in the box. I decided to leave the flap down and go to bed. The next morning, I went out and checked, and he had urinated in the litter box again during the night, which means he went in and out through the flap.. So last night, I decided to just leave the flap down and take my chances. Monday 9/19 This morning, I checked the box and he had used it at least twice since last night. So this proves he knows how to go in and out the regular flap!!! Monday evening – I came home from work and was talking on the phone. I noticed Shadow sitting near the closed cat flap. He looked at me a couple of times and I walked out of the room. While I was out, he went through the cat door to use the litter box!!! I am going to continue using (behavior advice removed) and going out on the deck when its nice enough out, but I do think we have turned the corner on this cat flap, finally!!!! Tuesday evening I was at home after work sitting on the couch. He went out through the regular cat door flap, used the litter box, hung out on the deck for a while, then popped back through. I almost cannot believe he finally is doing it. Such a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Erin M.