Fran and Lou V. Powell, Ohio

Subject: Fran V. 7/12/2011 Week 2 Mieshele, We are feeling much better (as is Emilio) and much encouraged – it was a good week! 7/5 PM – I forgot to mention in my last e-mail that we are (behavior advice removed) twice per day. Also, (behavior advice removed) and 6:30 PM Played with (behavior advice removed) followed by (behavior advice removed). 7/6 We were up at 5AM – went to work-home @ 5PM. Emilio was in the house/on the porch all day-NO SPRAYS, but noticed that he went to his litterbox in the basement and peed outside the box-not sure it was a spray, may have just missed. (Behavior advice removed). He seems less agitated and more loving. (Behavior advice removed) followed by (behavior advice removed). 7/7 Sprayed (Behavior advice removed) Placed 3 more (behavior advice removed) outside 10AM – and (behavior advice removed). No sprays today – good day!! 7PM Played with (behavior advice removed) – Let him sleep (behavior advice removed). 7/8 No sprays! He slept good and through the night 6AM – played with the iPad mouse ap It rained today, so we were hoping he would do well. He was on the porch after the rain – no problems so far. We (behavior advice removed). 7/9 Saturday was a sunny day – no sprays since Tuesday!! We took down the (behavior advice removed) and he now has Master Bedroom and Bathroom privileges back! (he likes to look out the windows in these rooms). Still using (behavior advice removed) and (behavior advice removed). He seems much more loving and like our old Emilio. 7/10 Sunny day – no problems (sprays) today. 7/11 Another day with NO SPRAYS!!! 7/12 Sunny day so cats spent time out on the porch. Nothing new today. Kitties are getting along better, also. Gigi has not been hissing at Emilio for a few days. No sprays. More next week! From: [mailto:] Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 6:48 PM To: [email protected]  Subject: Fran and Lou Vitale 7/19 Week 3 7/13 – We continue to follow our daily routines. Emilio has been perfect – No Sprays!! He was up at 1AM, but went back to sleep – up again at 5:15AM (behavior advice removed); he and his sister are getting along much better this week (she is not hissing at him) – I think she senses that things are getting back to normal… 7/14 – (behavior advice removed). NO URINE SPRAY. Up at 3AM, but went back to sleep 7/15, 7/16, 7/17 – Same daily routine, NO URINE SPRAY, sleeping through the night. Enjoying time out on our screened in porch every day! Did the (Behavior advice removed). 7/18 – Same daily routine. 7/19 – (Behavior advice removed). NO SPRAYS!!!!!!!! —–Original Message—– From: [mailto:] Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 11:36 AM To: [email protected]  Subject: Lou and Fran Vitale 7/26/11 Week 4 The routine has been the same every day this week. We continue to (behavior advice removed). He has been very calm and sleeping through the night. We haven’t seen any stray cats for weeks. We only had one incident on Saturday – we had taken a picture of Emilio and his sister Gina and had it enlarged to hang in Lou’s office. When he brought it in and set it against the wall while he was getting ready to hang it, Emilio saw it, crouched down, and his tail got very big around! I picked him up and carried him to his litterbox (i was afraid he would spray) so he could pee in his box. He did, we hung the picture, and he has been fine. That evening, we went to dinner, and arrived home after dark. Usually, he comes to the door to greet us, but this time he didn’t. As I was walking through the house, I heard him yelling (like he was in pain), so I ran to find him. He was looking out the window, his tail enlarged again, so I picked him up and (behavior advice removed). He seemed calm after that. I wondered if he saw a stray or could he have been having a dream (about the picture that he saw earlier)? Not sure, because we didn’t see a cat in the yard, but it was dark and he could have run away. If so, haven’t seen one since. No sprays again this week! He is like our old Emilio again :). I think perhaps it is time for our follow-up…please advise the next step! Fran V.