Grace New York NY

12/30/2011 4 week update Mieshelle, Sorry for the delay. The holidays have kept me really busy! But guess what — you were right…no urine marking!! He hasn’t urine marked for 27 days and you are just too good to be true. I wish your advice was more readily available to cat owners out there. Even all the popular books don’t know what you do (and I’ve read them all before coming to you). Thank you Mieshelle for your wisdom, advice, and caring. I learned so much about cats too. He is also not the same cat we started with. He truly has joy in his life now. Sounds weird, but it’s true. Also, everyone at the office has stopped laughing that I hired a “Cat Whisperer” now. I’m still using the (behavior advice removed) and the (behavior advice removed) and that’s it! I am just thrilled!! Happy New Year! Grace