Jared N. West Haven, Connecticut

October 15th, 2011 Hi Mieshelle- So week 3 has come and gone and happily, there are no new issues to report! There still has not been any elimination outside of the litter boxes. After cleaning the couches with (behavior advice removed), I have noticed my other cat, Kuma start to actually come up on the couch with me and sit on the cushion next to me. That was a pleasant surprise. I am continuing to re-train Doodles, by (behavior advice removed) daily. The yowling has always been an issue. When he starts to yowl, I leave the room or ignore him and he carries on for several minutes before stopping. Sometimes when I go up to my office to do work and I’m using the phone, I’ll shut the door and then he’ll yowl when I do that too. Do you have any ideas for how to stop this behavior? Thanks again for your time and consideration. Jared N.