Jay & Sue D., El Granada, CA 2005

Yet Another Cat We Got to Stop Urinating by Boosting His Self-Esteem

Things with Joe are going very well. We have been letting him on the bed while supervised, and also at night while we are sleeping, and he has been a perfect angel. He either sits or lies down contentedly, often purring (which he seldom did before). He also has free run of the couch and (behavior advice removed). All in all he seems much less nervous. He still has high energy and loves to run and play, but seems much less “antsy”.

They both seem to be using their regular cat boxes in the cat room more and (behavior advice removed).

Also you mentioned in our interview you knew of an expert on juvenile gingivitis/stomatitis at UC Davis. The next big thing especially with the other cat is to get that treated.

Thanks again for all the help – Joe’s behavior is much more loveable and playful and less nervous (and no urine accidents). Thank you!