Jennifer S. New London, CT

Hello Mieshelle, I am not sure if you got my update 5. I sent it last week. I am sending this week’s update a little early since I am going away for the weekend. What a success! I feel like Ella had her final exam this past weekend and passed with flying colors. I had friends over, with blankets and suitcases and bags in my open loft apartment. Generally this would have been nerve wracking since she had previously always urinated on anything comfy like a blanket that was left out and definitely on any bags etc that people left out. We went in and out of my apartment all weekend with NO ACCIDENTS! I am so happy I could cry. I feel like I have my life back, not having to worry about these things. I don’t have to do laundry of cat urine soaked items if I leave a towel on the ground my mistake. Ella is SO happy, too. She is awesome, friendly, playful – we are playing fetch right now actually. She is a joy to have around, I am so glad I didn’t give her away because of this problem. I can’t believe this worked. I am ready for my 6 week follow up. It would be great to touch base, as I am nearly ready to (behavior advice removed). Please let me know what works for you! Thanks SO much. Jenny and Ella