Jessica T.

I contacted the Cat Behavior Clinic in an act of desperation. I had 1 or 2 of my 3 cats urinating and spraying around my home. Floors and furniture were being destroyed and the level of stress it was causing my family was causing great distress. We had already been working with our vet for a long period of time. My cat was on Valium. My husband was done. He loves our cats but refuses to live in a dirty home. I called Mieshelle so I could have the peace of mind that I had tried everything. Just days before I called her, I had let family and friends know that I was trying to rehome my cat. My cats are my family and I was devastated. Mieshelle didn’t make grand promises but she gave me hope – and she gave me a plan. Almost immediately I saw a change. Following her advice, all of my cats are using their litter boxes. My family has returned to normal and I feel empowered. I understand my cats more now. If you are where I was, I highly recommend contacting The Cat Behavior Clinic. If it’s not in your budget now, start with Mieshelles book. Don’t do something drastic until you have tried working with Mieshelle. Thank you, Jessica T. Casselberry, Florida