Judy D. Gaithersburg, MA

December 21, 2011 Intercat Aggression UPDATE Week 2 Hi, Mieshelle: Thanks so much for the follow-up. Actually at the moment I’m feeling more encouraged than I have for a while. I’ve been (behavior advice removed), and she seems to be doing better now. We started Phase 2 two days ago. Today Smudge was in her bed rolling (advice removed), and I was (advice removed) with her. Rich was on the other side of the (advice removed). He (advice removed) 3 times, and Smudge didn’t react. We’re pretty sure she saw Lucky…she was looking right in that direction, but no reaction. Afterward she walked along (advice removed) and sniffed, but I continued to (advice removed) with her, and she left the area. Only time will tell if today was an anomaly, or if we’re making real progress now. You had asked for pictures of the cats. The 1st attachment is Lucky (sitting on cat bed). The 2nd one is Smudge (lying on rug). I couldn’t find one of Snowball right now but will look for one…we must have a few hundred somewhere around here. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions you might have, particularly if we’re doing something you might view as not helpful. Thanks!