Kathy C. Lake Stevens, Washington

Cat Behaviorist Report: Urination behavior issue November 2013 Mieshelle, The last time I wrote I told you that Poncho had not peed outside the box for the whole 10 days while we were on vacation and had a neighbor clean the box. Coincidetally the next morning he peed on the floor by the kitty litter box . We completely cleaned all the kitty litter boxes, put new litter in them. I (advice removed). We have not had any outside the box peeing in the house either. It has been a couple of weeks since we got home and he has used the boxes. Not sure why he went outside the box the one time except that the litter boxes needed to be changed when we returned from vacation. Our neighbor also told us that he hadn’t had a chance to get over to our house the day we returned so the litter boxes were full the day we got home We had scopped out the poop and pee when we got home but it was in need of a complete change of litter. We also have a (advice removed). What else would you like to tell us about how your cat(s) are doing? The cats seem happier an sleep together all the time now. I am (advice removed). Kathy, C. Lake Stevens, Washington