Lisa K. Parkton, North Carolina

Cat Behaviorist Report: Aggression September 2013 Mieshelle, We’ve seen an improvement in Riley’s behavior where she’s not as scared as before. She seems more relaxed/comfortable around the apartment and around Alex. One thing that we have changed up is how Alex interacts with Riley. During the first couple of weeks I was the one who was brushing both cats and now Riley is allowing Alex to brush her. Riley LOVES the brush so Alex is able to hold the brush and call her over. She meows and comes over willingly and enjoys getting brushed. He will also give her a treat or piece of dry food afterwards. Riley still hisses sometimes, like this morning when Alex came around the corner of the sofa and surprised her by accident. But for the most part there is a noticeable decrease. As far as the interaction between the cats, I’ve seen them hissing a couple of times at each other but it appears that it’s slowly improving. I don’t sense as much tension as before. Still needs some work though. Lisa K. Parkton, North Carolina