Mary W. Oakham, Maine

“Tommy Tunes” – From pooping daily on floor to no more pooping issues! 4 Month Check-in Dear Mieshelle, We are having so few problems now that we may be in the clear. Phil is taking all three cats (behavior advice removed). There is still a lot of box use, but very few poops at all, most of them are outside. We have had zero poops outside the box since the last time we wrote to you. At that time, we had had one in a week. On that occasion, the cats had been in for a prolonged period (we were out in the evening since the morning) and their boxes weren’t very clean. Since then, we are: Using a (behavior advice removed) (advice removed) not (behavior advice removed). Under the (advice removed). Still no problems. Phil is delighted- he is such a sweet and affectionate cat. He is energetic, climbing trees when outside. He is strong and robust and has gained a couple of pounds since we got him. He still eats only 4 things: (advice removed). He does steal bites from the other cats’ bowls, which has not caused any problems. I am hopeful that we can eventually (behavior advice removed) if all continues as well as it has. I hope this answers your question. As the problem waned, we stopped writing, so I apologize that you haven’t been up to date, but you’ve had to wade through so much writing from us, that you may find this situation a welcome relief! Thank you for your assistance! Mary