Meg K. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hi Mieshelle, Well, this is it; the end of a 6-week long adventure! I’ve attached some major milestones, a list of what Alex and I have learned, and a few questions that I’ve been saving to ask you. My Plog for the week is also included. It’s the last time you’ll have to plow through so much verbosity; thanks for being so patient! I have shared your website address and Alex’s progress with our vet. I am hoping he will pass on the information to that despairing cat owner who feels that the only option is the unthinkable. Also, would it be possible to pre-order a signed copy of your upcoming book? I know it would make a valuable addition to my library. You have been an amazing therapist for Alex. Thank you so much; the advice and tools you provided have greatly improved his quality of life – and mine! Take Care, Meg PS: Office Manager, it was nice to meet you, too; thanks for being so prompt with your emails, and always keeping me in the loop!