Melinda H. Simsbury, CT

Saturday, 11/12/2011 ONE WEEK OF IMPLEMENTING BEHAVIOR PLAN Hi Mieshelle, Sorry I couldn’t write the first week. We had a terrible Nor’Easter the day before Halloween which devastated our town. We were out of power for 10 days. They actually cancelled Halloween because it was too dangerous with the fallen trees and downed power lines. Finally getting back to normal now. These are the things I have done so far the day after we talked: • 3 (behavior advice removed) • All litter boxes (advice removed) • I (behavior advice removed) • I am using (behavior advice removed) • Added 1/2 (advice removed) • They have 2 (advice removed) now. • (behavior advice removed) After really looking at Mittens poo, I realized you are right. It is (advice removed). I just always thought it was normal. I am getting the cats to the vet next week and will ask for help with that. He has still been pooping on the floor, but has used the box to poo several times as well, which is an improvement. The great news is that Boots has not chosen to go on the floor once! He loves his (behavior advice removed). The one in the basement was only used once, but is still available to them. I found one pee spot in the office since we talked. I haven’t addressed anything in that room yet. Just as a side note, a strange thing has occurred – the cats NEVER sit in our laps in the evening. The very evening I talked to you, Boots climbed up on my lap while we were watching TV and sat with me for 1/2 hour! Since then, Mittens has been regularly sitting with me in the evening. Do you think they are just so happy with the (behavior advice removed) and the (behavior advice removed)? They do love, love, love the (behavior advice removed). Life is much better with these changes, thank you and I will keep you posted. Hopefully, Mittens will get more consistent. Melinda H.